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Morrocco Method Reviews


As far as beauty products go, Morrocco Method is our only choice because, besides coconut oil and pure shea butter, they were the only product that delivered what they promised as far as their pure ingredients and efficacy. We use Heavenly Esence shampoo on our baby and Pearl Essence crème rinse on our little one and her hair is growing healthy, strong and long since she was born. It is the only thing, besides Euro Organic Oil and coconut oil, that touches our baby’s skin!,


My husband introduced your products to me when we first got married, which was about 2 years ago. I have watched my hair transform and I have been amazed at how I do not have to do anything to my hair anymore … it just looks great naturally. I say this because I am in the position where my husband and I have begun living a whole raw diet and lifestyle. The past few months I have quit wearing makeup and using any curling iron or straightener on my hair, because I assumed that anything that can burn my skin could not possibly be good for my hair. I have enjoyed this transition tremendously. My skin is clear and my hair is shining! Thank you for your products. They are a true gift that has changed my life forever.


Thank you so much, Anthony for your truly wonderful and nourishing hair care products. My hair has now reached shoulder length and my friends are asking me what I have been doing to my hereditary thinning hair as it's so much thicker and healthier looking now. I tell them I use Morrocco Method and direct them to your website. Hair is a big passion and source of worry for me due to female pattern baldness. Since I was a 10 year old girl stricken with this hereditary thinning problem, I've tried all kinds of hair care brands, mixed shikakai powder, amla powder, reetha powder, hibiscus powder and henna powder onto my scalp. Have tried olive oil, coconut oil and jojoba oil. At times, my hair and scalp seemed to improve, but after a while I was back to the same, sad and bald square one all over again. My hair and scalp only started to improve when I discovered Morrocco Method. Besides the shampoos and conditioners, I'm also using the Goddess elixirs and they have rejuvenated my weakened scalp and thinning hair. Thank you so much again for healing our hair and scalps. Your products, the Morrocco Method Blog and Hair Shaman Blog and all the good work you do mean so much to sufferers of thinning hair like me. I am 40 yrs old this year and I finally have healthy shoulder length hair.


MMi is not only a leader in all natural body care, but also in managing customer relationships. I look forward to using your products for years to come!

Jennifer F.

Thank you so much for making these products. I found out I was allergic to coconut and SLS my freshman year of high school. My scalp actually started falling off from using shampoo with SLS and coconut. I found Morrocco Method shortly after researching orgainic, natural SLS and coconut free shampoo. I have been using it ever since. I am now 20 and I can't stop using it. I love all the shampoos. I cannot find any other products that are natural and coconut free. I just wanted to say thanks for making this company and these shampoo because I have no idea what I would use if I never found these products.


I had problems with my hair growing in after chemotherapy and you so graciously gave me advice which I followed. I want to thank you because my hair is now absolutely beautiful. Once again, a big thank you.

Brandon H.

I am fully impressed with the quality of your products and your customer service response when something is mixed up. Your line up of holistic, raw, organic shampoos and conditioners along with your wide choice of bath/body and natural hair color makes your company second to none. I tell all I come in contact with about your array of undeniably superior products and I hope success for this inspiring company continues for years to come.

Lupita G.

I'm 43 and have been using the MM Henna for three months and the results are stunning. Breathtaking actually! My hair is at a level or healthiness never achieved before. Thanks again for making this superior product.

Michelle O.

I've been using Morrocco Method since May of last year. I've already had spectacular results on my thinning hair. I'm using all of the spokes in the wheel. I just finished with all of the elixir series; first gold and silver, next the god/goddess series, and just a couple of days ago the tri color elixir series. Thanks.

Varnan S.

I received my order today and I tried brushing my hair using Anthony Morocco brushing method in one of his videos and it feels amazing. After brushing, my head was feeling warm like it woke up from a long slumber. I can't wait to try the shampoo and the styling gel tomorrow!

Tania A.

Thank you so much for taking care of this for me...I'm super grateful for your help, and for the re-sending of the Euro Oil. I look forward to ordering more product very soon...the product is GREAT, and customer service is even better. Hope you have a fantastic weekend.


I would like to say THANK YOU!!! Anthony for your wonderful products. I have been using them for around 11 months now. Since the spring equinox I have had a lot of new hair growth and my hair appears much thicker. Other people are noticing as well. One gentleman I work with who was very skeptical actually was so impressed he purchased Morrocco Method shampoos and conditioners a couple of days ago. I had a full head of hair with my hairline intact but a lot of thinning on top and on the crown. With the results I've had over the past month since the spring equinox, if it keeps thickening like it has, over the next two months maybe three I should pretty much have a full thick head of hair like I never lost any to begin with. Again. Thank you for your amazing products.

Ella L.

I use this Henna and the Euro oil, it is amazing. I had been using a henna from Whole Foods that was supposed to be "all natural", but it wasn't, it was loaded with chemicals. MM's henna leaves your hair healthy, healthy, healthy and the euro oil is not "greasy". I love these products. Thank you, thank you.


Today I got my package and I want to thank you that you helped me I am absolutely amazed by the products' quality, I feel so grateful , cos I already tried several of them. Definitely will continue ordering from MM. Thank you and blessings to you.

Iris F.

Thank you so much for your amazing products and for sharing your knowledge. I choose to start using all natural beauty products for myself and my family after a dear friend of mine was diagnosed with breast cancer. I found your website and have been using your products exclusively ever since. I have also been following the lunar chart Thank you.


Hi I just wanted to shoot a quick message to you regarding your henna. I absolutely love it and get compliments on my hair on an almost daily basis. I work in entertainment as a freelancer in Los Angeles so I am constantly meeting new people. They always ask "is that your real hair color?" I grin and inform that I use henna and give them the MM website. Even the girls at the salon where I get my hair cut love it and told me I should start tinting other people's hair because mine always looks amazing. So I just wanted to say thank you for consistantly making an amazing product. I've been using your henna for over a year now and love it. I use all organic, vegan and natural beauty products and I love that MM henna fits my requirements.

Kristin P.

I recently purchased the styling dragon pomade and absolutely love it! I have been looking for a product to tame my flyaways for so long and this stuff is the best I've ever found! I love that its all natural and actually works all day unlike any of the other products I've tried. Thank you for creating such awesome hair care products! Ive been using your system for about a year now and my hair has never looked better!

Bec R.

I've just been using the conditioners for the past month and I can already notice such a huge difference. First time I've been to a hair dresser since using the products and I refused to let them wash my hair with their chemicals, it was the first time I enjoyed getting my hair cut because my hair didn't feel like it was being ripped from my head(had sensitive scalp) and didn't feel like it had so much product build up. The hair dresser was shocked and confused that she couldn't use her products so I took along my own euro oil and asked her to use that and she was happy too! Love MM! bring it to Australia!!!


I just want to thank you MM Intl. for providing excellent, quality products. It is the first time my hair has felt really alive, moisturized & rejuvenated. I am very impressed with your products! I am a new customer and will continue to be. I've been done with commercial shampoo & conditioners for quite some time now but your line by far hands down is the best I've ever tried in my life! I'm completely sold. I am a black woman with 3c-4b hair & it loves your products. MM Intl, your products are a true staple in my skin & hair care regimen! Always! Thank you again.


I tried Morocco Method henna (Red) for the first time last weekend. I've dyed my hair with chemical dye since 7th grade since I don't like my natural mousy brown. I was really hoping the MM henna would work well enough to allow me to get away from that dye since I've read a lot of stories about horrible allergic reactions. Well I am thrilled with the results. I read the testimonials before I bought it and thought "yeah yeah, how much of a difference can it make?" But now I've been getting compliments all week on my hair, and I never did before (it tends to be thin and fine). Everyone at work is asking me if I got my hair cut or something because it looks so nice, and all I did was henna! I haven't even had a haircut in 6 months. So I'm very impressed with your product and will certainly be a long-time customer.

Joseph H.

I can't say enough good things about Morrocco Method. I have spent years researching and looking for truly natural companies that provide quality products. Morrocco Method, without a doubt, provides the best, most effective, natural, living, raw, holistic, personal care products in the world. From the first day I started using your products, I have benefited from extraordinary results and continue to do so years later. I've never encountered products that have so many different ways you can use them. My bathroom honestly contains only toothpaste and Morrocco Method products. I use the shampoos to cleanse my entire body, the sapphire and diamond crystal mists as deodorants and facial toners/moisturizers and to soothe any type of skin irritation(euro oil works magic too). The blood of the dragon gel not only works wonders on my hair but also is incredible at soothing sunburns or cuts and scrapes. Shaving is a breeze with the pearl essence cream rinse.

Cheryl P.

Thanks MM! I was delighted to receive my first order of shampoo samples. I tried the ACV shampoo as my first choice. I LOVED the subtle and natural pure and non-synthetic. I followed up with the Diamond mist spray and then the Dragon gel..they too had their own unique aroma. The sandalwood in the diamond mist and then the Orange citrus scent of the gel- loved it! The results- hair that feels clean & full of body and shine. The product seems to also bring about a natural wave in my hair which normally is so straight. I also like how the gel helps with any type of frizz or fly-aways! Looking forward to trying my next shampoo. Thank you MM for creating a truly pure and non-toxic product line that I feel good about using! You have a new customer!