3 Steps to Detox Your Hair Naturally

There are many factors that lead to hair toxicity. Since strands of hair have no active metabolism, substances from both the bloodstream and environmental sources can be deposited into the hair causing a full spectrum of hair and scalp disorders. Unnatural chemicals consumed through processed foods and drinks affect your hair as well as topical synthetic hair dyes, shampoos, conditioners, and styling products.

Prolonged exposure to UV rays can alter proteins in the hair creating free radicals and hard, chlorinated, mineralized, or fluoridated water can damage the hair. Cold weather can dry hair out and pollution such as smoke, dust, and airborne pesticides can infiltrate the hair shafts. There are also links to the effects that mental and physical stress have on hair health. 

 Unfortunately, most of the hair care products lining shelves at retailers inhibit or mask underlying toxic symptoms giving a false sense of treatment while intensifying the damage long term. With hair growth being about half an inch each month, your hair acts as a chemical exposure timeline. Forensic toxicologists can detect toxins in the hair up to a year after exposure!

The truth is though, it’s not too late to reclaim your hair’s natural volume and vibrance. Detoxifying your hair will remove deposited chemicals, toxins, and free radicals bringing your hair back to its natural beauty.

Here we have outlined 3 Steps to Detox Your Hair Naturally. 

1. Get Comfortable with a Natural Shampoo and Conditioning Routine

Synthetically developed shampoos and conditioners are infused with chemicals with unnecessary purposes like creating a foamy or sudsy effect. Fake fragrances and colors can have detrimental and adverse effects on your hair and scalp health. 

The critical first step to detoxing your hair is to stop soaking your hair with toxins. Using All-natural Shampoos and Conditioners not only removes dirt and debris from the hair and scalp but also nourishes with raw oils and minerals that penetrate the follicles. Morrocco Method’s 5 Elements Shampoos and Conditioners are the perfect companion in this detox process by providing your hair with a comprehensive array of nutrients while preventing build-up. 

Getting comfortable with a natural shampoo and conditioning routine is a small price for healthy hair and well worth the effort. Since natural shampoos are devoid of chemicals that solely produce suds, new users can find dispersing the natural shampoo through the hair challenging. It’s an easy fix. Simply dilute the shampoo and conditioner, a 50/50 mix with water, in a travel-size bottle or neti pot for ease of distribution. It’s a simple adaptation for impactful results. 

2. Zen Detox

Zen Detox is a hair mask formulated from bentonite and montmorillonite clay and extracts synthetic chemicals, toxins, and metals from the scalp, which is very important to the detox process. This not only purifies your existing hair but also clears the pores for new hair growth!

3. Brush, Brush, Brush!

An often-overlooked step to healthy hair and detoxification is brushing. Hair brushing helps to stimulate blood flow, massages the scalp and distributes sebaceous oils from follicles to the tips of the hair. Whether your hair is oily or dry, brushing helps bring balance. Morrocco Method’s Boar Bristle Brush is the perfect tool for brushing. The boar hair bristles are very similar to human hair and innately absorb oil which helps spread the oil to dry, split ends. 

The Importance of Commitment

Most clients who embark on a hair detox program have been chemically treating their hair for years, if not decades. To restore your hair to its natural glory will take some patience, effort, and commitment. Following these 3 Steps with a little faith will undoubtedly prove rewarding. Whereas some people may find results in two weeks, others may require a few months. Really, what do you have to lose by giving our Healthy Hair Starter Package a shot?

Article credit : Brian Serven