The spring equinox marks a very important opportunity to improve your hair care routine. Spring is the time where farmers all over the earth till their soil to get it ready for planting seeds. Since you too are a part of the earth, it makes sense that the equinox provides the perfect moment to lay down a similar foundation with your hair.

We are extensions of the soil of this earth, made up of tons of minerals and beneficial microbes. Just as the seasons dictate when the leaves will fall – your hair reacts to the changing climates like the branches of a tree; in the winter, trees prepare for new buds to sprout in the spring.

Similarly, your hair is preparing for the new season. This makes for a good time to check for any build-up on your scalp that would impede proper growth for the coming months. There are many conditions that can indicate an imbalance. Just as a farmer must pay attention to the condition of the soil, so too must we pay attention to the condition of your scalp. If your hair is dry, it could mean the sebaceous glands might be clogged from toxins accumulated through the use of chemical-laden products. Spring is the perfect time to prepare your scalp for better hair health and growth.

The spring equinox is an opportunity to detox, enrich and enliven the “soil” of your scalp. Taking this extra care now will support healthy growth patterns, hair follicles and sebaceous glands for seasons to come.

Lunar Chart March 2020

Cutting Your Hair For Optimal Strength

The optimal hair cutting dates for this spring equinox are March 21st through 23rd.

This is the most powerful time of year to get the soil of your scalp in an optimal state. The spring equinox gives us the opportunity to grow strong, healthy hair. It also reminds us to get in sync with the earth and her natural rhythms.

Cutting the hair between the 21st and 23rd of March will build strength in your hair and roots. You will want to cut it as short as you feel comfortable with so you get the most out of the practice.

We recommend at least an ? of an inch, but a full inch or more if possible is best. If you have a lot of splitting ends, this is the best time to cut them all off and start fresh. If you want to fully shave your head – the most powerful time would be on the Equinox dates.

This is also a good time to contemplate what this cut means to you. What is it that you are letting go of? What no longer serves you that you are ready to release? What is it you are looking forward to?

Consider journaling about your spring equinox haircut and document it with pictures. You can see the great work you have achieved over the next three months by journaling the process.

More information about the lunar dates can be found here.

The Blunt Snip Cut – Explained

The blunt snip cut protects the hair strands from damage in addition to stimulating new growth. It achieves this because it is the most straightforward way of cutting the hair, minimizing thinning, fraying or damaging the hair.

It allows for the best results with all different hair types.
Woman holding Hair sheers

To learn how – refer to our blunt snip cut video here. Or read this brief overview:

You will want to get a good pair of hair cutting scissors and go around the wet ends with blunt-end scissors. Our Blunt Snip Hair Cutting Kit comes with the Lunar Chart calendar and an 8-part video series. It goes through how to cut your hair and the benefits of sustainable hair cutting.

Simple Blunt Snip Cut Tips

  • Cut while your hair is wet.
  • Section your hair instead of trying to cut it all at once.
  • If you are having a hairdresser cut your locks, avoid chatter during this time. This will avoid any distractions so they can focus and not make a potentially avoidable mistake.
  • If you are cutting your hair yourself, allow it to also be an opportunity to manifest your hair goals.
  • Think of your hair like a masterpiece; it takes time to lay and preserve a strong foundation. This is your chance to give your hair a solid base for the rest of the year.
With these rare master tips, you will be able to take back your hair health. Want peace of mind when it comes to your hair care routine? Implement this practice regularly and become self-sufficient in caring for your crowning glory.
Person dropping sand

While the blunt snip is an effective way to encourage new hair growth there are other ways to keep your hair in optimum condition that mimic natural farming techniques. Soil remediation is the act of purifying the soil from contaminants like pesticides, chemicals, and heavy metals. Wise farmers will do this before they plant seeds to ensure the crops are clean, vital and as nutrient-dense as possible. This also makes a positive impact on the planet and our ecosystem.

Similarly, we can purify the soil of our scalp. For maximum results during this equinox, you should begin with a detox treatment for your hair and scalp. You can use Morrocco Method’s Zen Detox Hair and Scalp Mask to start this process by clearing away heavy metals and chemical residues from the scalp and follicles.

Zen Detox will pull the heavy metals and toxins from your scalp and bring them to the surface safely and effectively, even for those with the most challenged immune system. As the clays pull out the impurities, the mind feels more clear and alive. Clarity of mind results from using this high-quality mask made of purified clays and herbs that can result in thicker hair growth.

Much like soil remediation makes an impact on the planet and our ecosystem, detoxing your hair and scalp will have an impact on your overall mental and physical health and wellbeing.

Since this equinox is about strengthening while detoxing your hair, we suggest also using the Apple Cider Vinegar Shampoo. This shampoo helps with blood flow to the scalp while strengthening the root follicles and the bulbs of your hair while ensuring the best possible PH so that you get the most out of this spring equinox cut.

If you would like to experience the benefits at once, you can get the Strengthening combo kit here that includes the Zen Detox and Apple Cider Vinegar Shampoo.
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Knowing the ways you can repair and nourish your hair this season is an easy way to reconnect to the deep energies of the earth as you move into a brand new opportunity for abundance. With this knowledge, you can go through Spring knowing that you have created fertile soils for your hair to thrive.