Volcanic Dry Powder Cat Shampoo

Volcanic Dry Powder Cat Shampoo




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Everyone knows that cats hate getting wet. That's why we developed a 100% natural dry shampoo just for our feline friends! Morrocco Method 5 Elements Volcanic Dry Powder Cat Shampoo combines clays, minerals, and botanicals from around the world to gently absorb excess oils and toxins, giving your cat's coat a natural glow without dusty residue. Its unique formulation also assists in repelling fleas and ticks without any chemicals or toxic additives.

Its main ingredient, bentonite clay, is a naturally forming volcanic powder that draws out impurities from the roots and follicles while also protecting the skin's natural oils. Amla fruit powder, soothing oat and rosemary deliver essential vitamins and antioxidants to seal in moisture, reduce inflammation of the skin and leave fur soft with a natural shine.

Dog and horse friendly.

All our natural pet shampoos are raw, paleo, sulfate free, gluten free and non-foaming making it ideal for pets with sensitivities to harsh detergents, chemicals and synthetics.


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