Every once in a while I will receive an email question regarding the
Morrocco Method Diamond Crystal Mist
ingredients in a Morrocco Method product. I couldn’t be more pleased to receive these emails – questioning an ingredients list means you are:

  • actively reading the ingredients list
  • questioning the integrity of the products being listed
  • trying to understand what each and every ingredient is
The simple act of reading the ingredients on what you have purchased to eat or put on your body or hair is an act that the MAJORITY of the world neglects to do. I am glad that Morrocco Method Customers are learning or already know the importance of this act. LABELS DO LIE, unfortunately. One must take all responsibility into their own hands and read labels and if necessary, do further research, to find out what the exact ingredients are – after all, the life you save may be your own!

I have decided to share these questions as I receive them with all of you. Today I will be sharing a question regarding the ingredients in our Diamond Crystal Mist Conditioner & Moisturizer.

Mountain Landscape

What exactly are the liquid crystals from the Himalayan Mountains? Does the Diamond Crystal Mist contain Aluminum?


Absolutely not! None of our products, including the Diamond Crystal Mist, contain any heavy metals. The “liquid crystals from the Himalayan Mountains” are quartz crystals that are liquefied into a herb and spice base – all are 100% wild-crafted and 100% natural.

Health is our Wealth,

Anthony Morrocco