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The lunar hair club is an exclusive chance to receive free products and personal coaching to achieve the ultimate Morrocco Method hair. There are three paths to choose—your hair journey is up to you.

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You can choose one of three different journeys:


Henna has been used for thousands of years for coloring hair & skin. From strawberry blonde to raven black, on your henna hair journey we’ll help you harness the power of our 100% plant powders to color your hair to find the perfect hue without the use of dangerous chemicals.

Lunar Haircutting

The Lunar Hair Chart coordinates the moon cycle, equinoxes and solstices, the Farmer's Almanac, Western Astrology, and the Mayan Calendar to show determine the best times to cut your hair based on your specific hair goals. For this goal, you have to to cut your own hair.

Hair Restoration

Get your best hair ever. You’ll be coached through the full Morrocco Method system. From your detox days to elixirs protocols, we’ll spend the year helping you heal your scalp and achieve your specific hair goals while you document your progress and success for other MM customers.

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Andrea's Journey

I grew up in a home where perms were the norm, and we didn’t think twice about the harmful chemicals we subjected our hair to. In fact, it wasn’t until I was in my late teens that I stopped perming my hair and found out that my hair was naturally curly! I’ve always had a propensity since then to find natural alternatives for my hair and have had great experiences with the products from Morrocco Method. I found myself severely ill a few years ago and my beautiful locks were falling out by the handfuls. It was so thin and sickly looking that I decided to chop it off and start over. I turned to the Goddess Elixir series in my hour of need and followed the program faithfully. The results are in and my hair is longer and thicker than it has been in years! How could I not jump on the chance to take the Lunar Haircut journey? Now I will learn how to cut my own hair following the lunar cycle and dedicated days to meet specific goals each month. I love this opportunity to intentionally care for my hair in a way that I haven’t ever done before.


Tamir's Journey

As a senior woman I have experienced not only thinning hair but it has also become much shorter. For all my life it was below my waist and very full. Whereas changes occur with aging, I feel that it can look healthier and fuller. I followed a macrobiotic vegan diet for four decades and then a high raw diet. We grow our own vegetables and eat only organic. The Morrocco Method appeals to my natural lifestyle and being in tune with nature as well as not harming the environment or animals. As my hair started getting shorter I was afraid to cut the ends but have since found out that it is essential to do so in tandem with the lunar calendar. I love the idea of blunt cutting as a way of shocking the hair into regrowth. My main goal is to thicken and lengthen my hair and to give it all the attention and care that this method offers.


Nicole's Journey

I’m super thrilled to document and share my lunar hair journey and go through the process to reach my ultimate goal of having soft, thick, long hair, and a healthy non-irritated scalp! I’m 14 and super busy with dance and tennis, so I’m very eager to take care of this issue so I don’t have to search any longer for hair care products. I’ve struggled for quite a few years with a sensitive scalp, and I’ve tried an incredible amount of hair products to help get rid of it while keeping beautiful thick fluffy hair, but I never found something I could stick with. I have confidence that Morrocco Method is the right way to go, and will solve my problems, and help me achieve my hair goals!


Lisa's Journey

I am a single work-from-home mom of three, with only one left at home. I have been growing my hair and leaving the color natural for some time now, and while it is going grey nicely, it is very hard to style. It is fine and curly, and most products weigh it down. Believe me, I’ve tried everything. I really want to learn to take care of my hair in a more natural and honoring way. I discovered Morrocco Method during my research of natural hair care methods. I am intrigued by the Morrocco Method’s incorporation of the body/mind/spirit into caring for your hair. I am familiar with the philosophies that MM draws upon, and I am very excited to apply those ideas to caring for my hair. I want to make peace with my hair and have it be a natural expression of my overall health–mind, body, spirit.


Ava's Journey

I’m a cosmetologist and mom of 3 in Charleston SC! After graduating I started researching different products to find a brand that could restore life back into my hair (after pregnancy hair loss \weird regrowth/hormone changes + being used for multiple chemical treatments/bleaching services during hair school) and one aligned with the vibe and values I wanted to bring to my clients. Morrocco Method has checked all the boxes! I cannot wait to see what my hair will look like after the detox and am excited to share the process of getting my hair back to real natural and healthy roots!


Mark's Journey

I have been using Morrocco Method hair products exclusively for 8 years. I have always been fascinated with hair in general, and I enjoy working with it. Like many people, I grew up with Pantene, went through a few year Aveda phase and eventually found Morroco Method. I have found that many shampoo companies claim to be sulfate free, but the ingredient list suggests otherwise. Beyond hair products, I also stay chemical free in all other aspects of my life, including no pharmaceuticals or any unnatural products in general. I’m looking forward to trying some new things, and hopefully we can all learn together.


Sophia's Journey

I’m so excited to be taking the Lunar Journey with Morrocco Method's Henna. I’ve had a passion for natural living when it comes to skincare, hair care, and diet for the past 11 years. I’ve discovered Morrocco Method over 10 years ago when I had bleached my naturally dark hair to try out the blonde phase, and I have regretted it ever since. My hair became thinner and more dry. No thanks to genetics, my hair grays early and with dark hair it makes it appear thinner near the scalp. Not only will henna help with my goal of having hair that is thick, healthy, and beautiful since henna coats the hair, it will also make me feel good about what is being washed down my drain. I’ve had a lot of improvement just using the lunar chart for cutting along with the shampoos, and I’m now very excited to add the henna and other products to this routine.


Lucie's Journey

I’m excited to start my hair restoration journey with the Morrocco Method system. I’ve had my hair natural for over 10 years after harsh chemicals had damaged my hair. After some struggles, my hair has regained some strength, but now I’m struggling with shedding. My hair has always shed, but now it’s really bad and my hair has slowed it's growth. With this hair restoration journey I’m looking forward to seeing how my hair will transform into healthier, strong hair.


Jessica's Journey

This is my first introduction to Morrocco Method products, and I am so excited to be participating in the Hair Restoration pathway of the Lunar Journey! I have been on a holistic healing journey for the past few years, working to align all areas of my health and wellness with being sure I am only ingesting things that are nourishing my mind, body, and soul. This is the first time I have been able to focus on what I am putting ON my body, as well as in my body. Until now, I have always used cheap, harsh chemicals to dye, wash, and style my hair, and so I am enthusiastic to learn about and use nontoxic, natural, ethically sourced, and environmentally conscious products. I am looking forward to seeing how my hair responds to this restoration to heal my scalp and enjoying strong, healthy, beautiful hair, all while being more environmentally conscious!


Amanda's Journey

I’m so excited to be taking the Lunar Journey with Morrocco Method. I have always had a passion for nature. I live in the Southern Outer Banks, and I’m either on the beach or walking a nature trail every chance I get. That is why getting toxins out of my routine is so important to me. I’ve had a lot of improvement just using the lunar chart for cutting, and I’m now very excited to add the shampoos and other products to this routine. Not only will this help with my goal of having hair that is thick, healthy, and beautiful, it will also make me feel good about what is being washed down my drain.