When you first start cutting your own hair, it can be a little intimidating. Each month you will gain confidence in yourself and the results of your blunt snip cuts. Originally Amanda started with the lengthening days on the lunar calendar. We'd say it worked! Now she's switching her hair goals to thicken for the month of August and beyond. 

"If you cut/trim your own hair I highly recommend using the Lunar Hair Chart. It's basically the Farmer's Almanac, but for your hair"

If you have a lot of hair, like Amanda, it may take a while to get through it all. Keep a spray bottle handy or use one of our leave-in conditioning mists to keep your hair damp while you trim. You'll love the results and the empowerment of doing your own trims, and you will feel even more in touch with your hair and scalp. It's such a money saver, too!