Andrea is starting her lunar hair cut journey with a goal of lengthening to start. She uses the lunar calendar to select the dates for her hair cut that correspond with the goal she wants to achieve.

She shares a little more about her journey off camera: "Several years ago I went through some major issues that effected my hair in a negative way. It was so frail and thin and I sought alternative means for help. I ditched my salon products and first started using Morocco Method for their wonderful henna products! Then eventually started using their line of shampoos and conditioners. I then did the zen detox and I started the elixir series.  My hair started responding in positive ways!

Today people tell me my hair is beautiful and so thick and long! I tell them it hasn’t always been that way! I want to try the lunar haircuts because I struggle here. I want the benefits of following the lunar cycle of cutting my hair to assist with all areas on the chart. I haven’t had my hair professionally cut in years, I was doing the lunar just here and there but want to commit to keeping up on it and what a great way to do it and share my experience with others! My hair is naturally wavy and prone to brittle split ends and I think keeping up on regular haircuts will help!"



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