Are The Baby Shampoos Safe To Be Used As A Body Wash?

Yes, Morrocco Method Baby Shampoos are safe to be used as a body wash. Both shampoos contain soothing botanicals, which are great for baby's skin. ↗️ Read More!

Do The Baby Shampoos Need To Be Diluted?

Much like our regular shampoos, we recommend diluting the baby shampoos prior to application. Less than a teaspoon amount diluted with water is enough for a baby's scalp. ↗️ Read More!

Do You Have Any Products That Can Help With Cradle Cap?

Regular washing with the Sea Essence Baby Shampoo and/or Heavenly Essence Baby Shampoo will help provide relief from cradle cap. We recommend shampooing twice, for the first washing simply massage the shampoo in the scalp and rinse out. For the second shampoo, spend a brief amount of time gently massaging... ↗️ Read More!

Do You Have Any Products That Can Provide Relief From Diaper Rash?

Our Euro Oil can be applied to create a barrier between wet diapers and skin, help heal chaffing and further reducing friction that leads to diaper rash. You may also use Zen Detox which can be applied as an all-natural alternative to baby powder to remove excessive moisture. ↗️ Read More!

Should The Baby Shampoos Be Rotated In The Same Way As The Normal Morrocco Method Shampoos?

MM Baby Shampoos do not need to be rotated in the same way as normal MM Shampoo. Younger children require less detoxing than adults, and their scalp and hair is much more sensitive. Always make sure to select the shampoo best for your child's age range and hair requirements: Under... ↗️ Read More!

Your Shampoos Contain Essential Oils, Are They Safe For Use On Children?

The essential oils we use are pure, therapeutic grade and when mixed with our other natural ingredients are diluted. Because the concentration is so low they are safe for use on children. ↗️ Read More!