Don’t Sacrifice Your Hair for a Nice Vacation!

As the colder weather comes along, daydreams of going somewhere warm and exotic may flood your mind. Many of you may choose to make these daydreams a reality! While going on vacation is always a treat, your hair and skin can sometimes become subject to harsh environments and stimuli.

But should this mean that we have to cancel our plans? Of course not! We only have to take a couple precautions to ensure the health of our hair and scalp. Here are 3 tips to keep your hair safe and healthy on vacation.

1. Before Your Trip – Cold Damage

Just because you are about to head out on your warm, sunny vacation, doesn’t mean that you are immune from the current weather of your day-to-day! The coming months consist of cold, dry, and windy weather that can damage your hair. Make sure to condition! Just like we need water to survive, our locks also need hydration and moisture, and they definitely won’t get that out in the cold. Whether you saturate your hair overnight with some Euro Oil or leave your conditioner in your hair longer before rinsing is up to you. Just get your hair some moisture!

You can also keep your hair hydrated by simply brushing your hair properly. Starting from the nape of your neck, brushing through to the tips of your hair allows for the oils produced closer to your scalp to spread evenly. But even more simple than brushing comes the most fashion forward tip – Covering your hair. Yes, that’s right! You can find a nice silk scarf to wrap your hair in, or wear a natural fiber, loose-fitting hat to cover up and protect those precious locks of yours.

2. Going for a Swim?

You’re finally at your dream destination, and all you want to do is hangout in the pool and relax. But before you hop in, protect your hair from the damages of chlorine and salt water! Saturating your hair beforehand is a good start to limiting the absorbing affects that our porous hair has. Coating it with an oil-based protectant will act as a barrier for your hair follicles. After you get out of the water, though, is where the real repair begins. Cleanse and flush out the bacteria in your hair with a natural Apple Cider Vinegar to reset the pH levels while ridding the hair of chemical build up.

Then, move on to the scalp (just as important as the hair itself!). A nice clay mask treatment can bring out some of the impurities from chlorine and salt water. It will also leave any essential oils that the body uses to naturally moisturize the hair.

Lastly, a deep conditioning puts the icing on the cake. This replenishes some of the nutrients that chlorine and saltwater take away from the hair. Using the right products is an added-bonus as well, especially ones that include natural moisturizers, such as avocado and coconut. This step will also restore the proteins in hair follicles and smooth any dry ends.

3. The Sun – And it’s Damaging Effects

The Sun, providing us with vitamin D to increase happiness, unfortunately can also come with some nasty side effects. But it’s possible to have fun in the sun AND stay safe at the same time! First off, it’s important to know that your hair doesn’t protect your scalp from dangerous UV rays. Bring a sunhat to your beach day, or relax in the shade as you read to avoid damage to your scalp. You can also use sunscreen as a last resort to protecting your skin, but be careful! Some sunscreens can actually do more damage than protection. Check out EWG’s 2016 Guide to Sunscreens to make sure what you’re using is safe for you and your family.

Don’t Leave the Products at Home!

No matter where you end up going, just make sure to bring your haircare products with you! If you’re flying, there are plenty of travel size options that will provide more than enough for your trip. Always make sure to prepare for your trip – check the weather and sun reports, know what UV protection you need, and bring your hats. Having a great vacation means having fun during it AND feeling good afterwards as well. Protect your hair and body so that you can enjoy the rest of this vacation AND many more!