Bangs and fringes are hair covering the forehead. Bangs are thicker than fringes and often include sections of hair, which originate further away from the hairline. Fringes often just frame the outline of the forehead. With fringes, you can still see the skin of the forehead, whereas bangs cover the forehead completely and end often just above the eyes.

What is the deeper reason behind MM and Anthony Morrocco not recommending bangs?
Although not scientifically proven, holistic hair professionals, long hair experts, and gardeners around the world share the following observation: when you cut head hair into bang hair, the whole head of hair seems to stop growing in length and tends to stay where it is or moves back up as if the whole head of hair wants to stay as one unit. Fringes are finer hair, also called frame hair, and are of a different genetic makeup, similar to the little neck hairs, which rarely grow into full strong hair.

We definitely prefer fringes over bangs. They are more versatile as you can comb them back into the head hair. Just spritzing your fringes with the Diamond Crystal Mist already changes your style from fringes to clear forehead and longer hold use Sapphire Volumizer Mist and Blood of the Dragon Styling Gel.

Thicker bangs will always tend to fall forward. However, most bangs cannot fully cover the forehead without being manipulated by a round brush and a blow dryer. People have natural parts, which separate the bangs.

Why do women want bangs?
Most clients want a change, something flattering around their face and they would like to look younger, possibly hide some lines. Bangs definitely make you look younger. Shorter hair always has that effect, because we have cut off ‘time’ by cutting off hair length.
But is that who you are? Is your style as a woman girlish? And in regards to a few lines on your forehead, when you wear your forehead clear your eyes will stand out and people always look at other people’s eyes first and foremost and don’t stare at wrinkles or lines. Side note: Using our Feng Shea Facial Scrub is more constructive than trying to hide wrinkles.

Tips for Bangs or Fringes
Before you cut bangs or fringes determine first where the hair for the bangs and fringes comes from. Pre-comb, measure and then decide whether the section is balanced or whether you need to make an adjustment. The adjustment would require taking more head hair and shortening it to more hair for the bangs or the opposite, taking a row or two of original head hair turned into bangs, and letting it merge back in with the head hair. Ideally, the latter is what we recommend: take less head hair for the reasons mentioned above.

Wisdom from the Hair Shaman
Humans don’t have hair growing on our forehead. There are a couple of spiritual and energetic reasons for this. Cultures and mystical traditions from all over the world have depicted in the middle of our forehead, the Third Eye. The Third Eye is a Chakra, an energy center, which is anchored physically to the pituitary gland in the center of our brain. The rays of sun and moonlight as well as electric lights, will shine through the skin and stimulate the pituitary gland. An awakened Third Eye can see all around: energies, auras and colors.
We also bond with others through connecting with our Third Eyes. When a child is born they cannot focus, but their gaze tends to hover their parent’s face. They are able to connect with their parent’s Third Eye.

We communicate subconsciously with people through body language, like crossing our arms in front of our chest if we are skeptical or hunching over when we are bored. We communicate more or less consciously through language. The communication between our higher selves and our souls takes place on a metaphysical level. Our Third Eyes are looking at each other and facilitate a psychic connection and even telepathy.

Woman With Bangs Before

Woman With Bangs After