Yes! MM Henna is a great natural option for covering gray hair. Coverage is best with the Brown, Red, and Black Henna Hair Dyes. If your grey hair is very light or white, blonde may work well for you. If one application does not cover your grays, you may apply a solid red base, wait 72 hours and then apply the desired shade on top. The red base will give the Indigo a foundation to stick to and prevent it from fading. For a more detailed description of that process, see below:

Blonde Hair

Apply the Neutral Henna Hair Dye to your hair, as per the instructions. 24 hours later you may apply the Blonde Henna Hair Dye. Sometimes more than one application is needed.

Brown Hair

You will need to buy two packets of color: MM Red Henna Hair Dye and your desired color. Apply the Red Henna Hair Dye to your hair. This will turn all hair that is lighter more of a red/orange coloring, but is necessary. You must then wait 72 hours for the color to set, and then apply the Brown Henna Hair Dye of your choice, per the instructions.

Henna likes to stick to hair, while Indigo likes to stick to Henna. A good henna base will ensure that the indigo, (mixed in with the henna) will attach to give you a nice, overall coloring. Waiting 72 hours ensures that the red coloring will not impact the brown.

We recommend not using Euro Oil in the mixture when attempting to dye greys or white hair as this may limit the henna's attachment to the hair.

For more information on covering grey hair with henna, please click here.