Most of our henna is applied using a 2 step process. Once you have selected your color, complete instructions for all our henna can be found in our Education Center. We also have demonstration videos available for how to mix, prepare and apply our henna, along with some helpful tips.

First you mix the henna, then allow it to sit for 8 to 12 hours to allow the dye time to saturate into the mixture. You may or may not add indigo powder, depending on the color. Then apply the mixture to clean, dry hair, and allow to sit for desired amount of time. Once finished, simply rinse with a little conditioner and allow the hair to dry naturally. Once henna and indigo are mixed, please use within 2 hours. Color result will not be predictable after this time. You may only keep henna and/or indigo in powder form in an air-tight container.

Using Neutral imparts no color, but overall conditioning.

The final color will represent itself within 72 hours after treatment.

One package of henna will generally cover shoulder-length hair of about medium thickness.

Henna hair Dye Instructions by Hair Color