Today’s guest blog is written by Dodhisattva Adonai of The Sacred Backyard, who shares her review and experience with Blonde Henna Hair Color.

Just before the holidays I gave Morrocco Method’s blonde henna a try…

If you don’t know much about henna, its basically a flowering, tropical shrub with a lush pigment that can color your hair or be used for body art. In this article, I share my experience using Blonde Henna.

First of all, blonde henna doesn’t have any true henna (Lawsonia inermis) in it. It is actually composed of a different plant entirely, called Cassia obovata, also known as Neutral Henna. When applied with acidic ingredients, most commonly lemon juice, it imparts hair with blonde hues. Chamomile and calendula can also be added to boost this effect. (You’ll find both in Morrocco Method henna!)

The main benefit of this type of hair color over synthetic colors is that it is completely natural and 100% plant-based; it actually improves the health of your hair, unlike most commercial dyes, including the so-called Organic ones. You know the ones–you leave the salon with your hair full of texture and sheen, but a couple weeks later your hair turns to straw! That’s because of the synthetic ingredients in traditional hair dye. The plant materials in henna re-hydrate your strands for genuinely healthier hair.

Morrocco Method Light Blonde Henna

Here are just some of the benefits of using Henna Hair Color:

  • You know you’re getting natural color, not plastics or chemicals
  • Cassia obovata coats each individual strand for thicker hair
  • It adds shine and can help to grow your hair when used on a regular basis
  • it is free of chemicals and toxic materials that won’t get absorbed into your scalp with potentially dangerous side effects

Some Helpful Henna Tips:

Tip #1: I will say that I normally would not do my own hair color; I generally prefer someone else to do it, as it is a tedious task to make sure each strand of hair is covered with the henna. I feel that if I had someone else to help me put it in, it would have been more noticeable.

Tip #2: I also felt that the color did not come out as blonde as I would like. Blonde henna only imparts subtle, sun-streaked tones, and, as with any henna color, it cannot lighten hair. Let’s be honest, though: you can’t expect your hair to be platinum blonde with plant color. But you can achieve a subtle yet beautiful golden glow to your hair.

Tip #3: Applying henna can be messy so make sure you have something covering your floor and wear an old shirt when applying.

Tip #4: Making the henna mixture is fairly easy. Prepare by buying some lemons to add to the mixture as it will intensify the color (if you forget, this step is in the instructions). Also keep in mind that you’ll have to let the mixture sit for several hours before using. I highly recommend adding the Euro Oil (an option in the instructions) as it counteracts the drying properties of lemon juice.

Tip #5: Find an application time that works best for you. In my own experience, I was left wondering whether leaving the henna on longer would have given me more highlight. The instructions say to leave it on for 1-4 hours. I left it in for 3, so next time I will leave it on a bit longer.

Woman Showing Light BLonde Henna Hair

So in conclusion:

I found 4 different positive reviews pertaining to this light blonde henna for covering gray hair. They all are giving a “thumbs up” to its ability to cover gray hair as well as create a healthy shine. I personally do not have gray hair but more of a light brown or dark blonde color, so I was just looking to lighten up my natural color. It did work, yet it was subtle.

It definitely does help with the condition of your hair and gives it a thickness that I really loved. Like I mentioned, I feel that if I had someone to help me apply it my results would likely be even better. I will buy it again just for the thickening/strengthening benefits as the cost is relatively inexpensive.

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