Jes is nearly two weeks in to her Lunar Journey and shares some great wisdom and laughs, including some tips and tricks and lessons learned early on. While she says that her hair is "still a little sticky, a little spicy", she also says it's "the thickest [she's] ever seen it".

Her best tip is to mix the shampoo in an applicator bottle to get it all the way down into the roots. She's experimenting with different dilutions to see what works best for her hair.

Her favorite products at this stage are the Large Mixed Pure Boar Bristle and Nylon Brush, which she is pleased to share does not tangle in her hair the way she thought that it would. She's also loving the Volcanic Powder Dry Shampoo on both herself and her teenage daughter. She was pleasantly surprised that not only did it work, but that it wasn't hard to brush her hair after using the dry shampoo.

"She's thick, she's voluminous, she's everywhere!" Jes says of her hair.