If we are what we eat, should our animals be on a natural pet diet, too?

A dog bow full of raw meat and a bowl of dog food
We don’t call our pets our best friends for nothing! Some studies say that people with pets live happier, longer lives. If you ask most pet owners, you’ll usually find that they describe their animals as family. Would you ever consider feeding a member of your family a diet that’s bad for their health? We didn’t think so. The same thought should apply to a natural pet diet, too. Commercial pet foods could be doing more harm to your pet than you might think.

Commercial Pet foods:

  • Were designed as a way to use leftover, processed materials, not for a pet’s health
  • Contain artificial coloring, flavoring and preservatives for a long shelf-life
  • Are made with high amounts of grain that are not truly typical or healthy for a pet’s diet
  • Can contain animal by-products (the unusable “parts” of other animals like hooves and ears)
Q: What’s the healthiest kind of food to feed your pet?

A: A natural pet diet is healthy! Raw meats, fish and veggies from the local farmer’s market are best for your pet. Local farmer’s markets have it all. The more we support local, the better!

Husky and grey cat
Commercial pet foods might be convenient, but they don’t always have the nutritional value of a natural pet diet that our animals need. In fact, many commercial pet foods are grain-based. This is a food group typically known to be bad for an animal’s diet. Historically, animals have survived on proteins from meat, bones, raw eggs, dairy and some vegetables. Benefits of a natural pet diet can include:

  • Healthier skin and shinier coats
  • Higher energy levels
  • Stronger immune systems and digestive systems
  • Naturally clean teeth and gums
  • Increased physical activity and healthy weight maintenance

Update: 12/18/19

We recently found an amazingly comprehsnive guide for one specific fuzzy friend. If your companion is a canine, we invite you to visit our friends at FuzzyRescue.org. There, they have spent an enormous amount of time researching and curated a list of foods dogs cannot eat. We were impressed by how thorough their information is and invite you to check it out here.

If pet owners lead longer and happier lives, we should want our animals to have long and happy lives, too. Discover what a natural pet diet can do for your animal’s health!