We often recommend washing your dog once per month. Although, the frequency can change based on how dirty your dog gets.

For severely dry or itchy skin standard protocol is to wash with our Foam Free Horse Shampoo, formulated for dry and itchy skin, weekly until itch subsides.


Our Foam Free Dog and Horse Shampoos are nourishing enough to cleans the skin without stripping natural oils or cause excessive drying and irritation.

Use after after each training session or whenever excessive sweat and dirt accumulation occurs. During winter, wash legs with our Foam Free Horse Shampoo to remove mud and reduce inflammation that can lead to fungus.


Cats are natural self-groomers. Wet bathing is often only necessary when the cat is excessively dirty or has strong odor. We suggest if your cat requires additional help with coat maintenance to use our Volcanic Dry Powder Cat Shampoo no more than once per week, along with regular brushing.

For hairless cats, we suggest using our Foam Free Dog or Horse Shampoos (depending on your cat's skin care needs) and washing only as necessary to maintain optimal skin health.