We do not offer refunds or exchanges of any kind. We cannot accept returns as we cannot resell them, because we are a personal care products company.

Our products are often mistaken to being just like chemical shampoos and conditioners or other "natural" products. This leads to a lot of people returning packages, saying that it doesn't lather, it looks like mud, or that it is not working for their hair because their hair feels horrible and don't want to go through the detox process. We can't reuse returned products because of contamination concerns. Many new customers like the idea of our product being completely natural and raw but once they try our products and decide they don't want to go through the troubles of the detox process. Our return policy is readily available to all potential customers and we actually recommend going over it before placing an order.

We HIGHLY recommend that you purchase trial sizes if you are trying a product for the first time. Unfortunately, once an order has been placed, we are not able to cancel it.

For more information, visit our Returns & Exchanges page.