At Morrocco Method, your health is our priority. When we look for partners, we wantto make sure that their values align with our own and that we are only introducing the very best, which is why we are thrilled to announce a new option for our European customers!

Supplement Hub is a company that wants to see people living healthier lives and empower them to make the best choices for their own health by offering products with the purest and most effective ingredients. Does that sound familiar? It resonated with us as well!

It was only natural for this partnership to form. One of Supplement Hub’s core values is accessibility, and that has been something lacking for our European customers due to the cost of international shipping and taxes, but that is coming to an end.

Supplement Hub is a company under the Functional Nutrition umbrella, a multi-channel specialty retailer that focuses on high-quality nutraceuticals and supplements made by companies with the highest industry reputations and standards. It's one of the largest vitamin and nutritional supplement retailers in the UK, and with hubs in the UK and the Netherlands, shipping within the UK and EU is much more affordable.

Now, you can order your favorite Morrocco Method shampoos and conditioners directly from Supplement Hub! We look forward to this new partnership and the opportunity for our products to be more accessible to our European customers. We hope to expand our product offerings through Supplement Hub in the future to meet all of your all-natural hair care needs.