One of the most common places for eczema to develop is the scalp. It often manifests as inflamed, itchy or dry skin and goes by many names, including, most commonly, seborrheic dermatitis. Many people simply call it dandruff. And while there are many over-the-counter remedies for eczema, these three home habits can actually go a long way in alleviating some of the symptoms.

1. Change Up Your Shampoo Routine

Consider only wetting your scalp every other day. Now, this may seem counter intuitive, but the daily habit of rinsing your scalp may actually dry out the skin even further and aggravate your symptoms.

Woman towel drying hair

2. Take Short, Lukewarm Showers

This may be a tough one to do. We all love long, hot showers, but our scalps definitely do not. Not only will hot water irritate the scalp, but prolonged exposure to water will result in increased dryness and worsening symptoms.

Woman stretching in sun


3. Relax!

Stress is an often overlooked agitator of eczema symptoms. During times of stress, your skin automatically inflames as a way to protect itself. There are many ways to reduce stress: getting enough sleep, exercising, practicing meditation. Not only will this reduce eczema symptoms, but you may find your days a little bit brighter and happier.