Woman holding aloe vera
Healthy hair shouldn’t just look the part- it should feel great, too. With all the unfortunate damage our hair faces from weather, styling tools and products, it’s hard to find the right solution that can be the hero our locks are looking for. Thankfully, Aloe Vera is a natural ingredient that can help fight countless hair issues without breaking the bank.

Because of its various healing nutrients, Aloe Vera is a plant species often used in various herbal medicines. Aloe Vera is rich in amino acids, vitamin A, folic acid and vitamin C. While it seems like just about everybody knows Aloe Vera can be used as a go-to solution for sun burn relief, who knew you could use this soothing gel for damage relief for your hair, too? We feature Aloe Vera in many Morrocco Method products. Read on to find out how Aloe Vera can be utilized as much more than a skin treatment, and why we love it for fighting hair damage, too.

Aloe Vera as a Hair Treatment

1. Dandruff

Aloe Vera can be used in dandruff treatment and prevention. Just like Aloe Vera soothes dry skin from a sun burn, it can also moisturize a dry scalp, which helps to alleviate the presence of pesky flakes. Treating a flaky scalp is also a key factor in eliminating dandruff all together.

2. Oily Hair

Treating dry hair can be often be accompanied by undesirable oil build-up. Thankfully, Aloe Vera can be used as a rinse for oily hair without additional, unwanted effects like making hair dry or brittle. The rinse is easy to make and only needs one part aloe vera juice with two parts lemon juice, then apply to the shaft of the hair.

aloe vera next to oils


3. Frizzy Hair

The amino acids in Aloe Vera can promote strength and add shine to your hair. As a result, it helps to tame frizzy hair while still leaving your locks silky and glossy. Since Aloe Vera also helps lock in moisture to improve the smoothness of hair, it tends to also work well as a detangler, too.

4. Hair Loss

Aloe Vera can help prevent frequent hair loss and promote hair growth. With hair loss, using Aloe Vera regularly will rejuvenate the hair follicles and reduce thinning. Along with hair loss prevention, Aloe Vera enzymes promote hair growth by helping your locks retain moisture, and by clearing dead skin cells off of your scalp.

Most people know aloe as a life saver for sun burned skin, but at Morrocco Method, we know it can also be your hair's hero, too. If you want a healthier scalp and shinier hair without the chemical build-up, try nature's hair repair agent, Aloe Vera!