Founder of Morrocco Method, Anthony Morrocco, has taken a lot of trips around the world and has learned a lot from the people he has met. He has studied under Chinese doctors and the Ayurvedic practitioners of India. In New York, he expanded his own knowledge among the world-renowned hair stylists of Kenneth Salon.

Throughout his journeys, what intrigued him the most were the ways people cared for their hair. Sulfates, suds, and the chemicals of today’s hair care products were a complete unknown. Instead, people utilized ingredients found in nature to care, cleanse and grow naturally luxurious hair. What he discovered then, continues today in the 100% natural ingredients we use to handcraft our raw, vegan products. Today, i’m going to tell you about some of those amazing ingredients!

eucalyptus plant

Australia’s Secret Ingredient: Eucalyptus

Eucalyptus has been used in Australia for quite some time to help fight dandruff and calm an itchy, inflamed scalp. It is also known to strengthen the hair follicles to promote new healthy hair growth. We have included this ingredient in our Sea Essence Shampoo.

Pin on columbia

Colombia’s Secret Ingredient: Avocado

Colombian women are known to mash up an egg white with avocado and leave it in their hair for 15 minutes. What does this achieve? This is nature’s way of de-frizzing hair! The Vitamin E and B work to strengthen the hair and make is soft, shiny, and to promote hair growth! Whoever first discovered this idea was a genius! We have included Avocado in our Pearl Essence Creme Rinse and in our Euro Oil product for super hydration!

Prickly pear cactus

Jamaica’s Secret Ingredient: Prickly Pear Cactus

People in Jamaica have figured out how to protect their hair from sun damage in their beautiful, sunny country. They will peel cactus and wash their hair with it! This repairs sun damage, and strengthens the hair to promote healthy hair growth. You can find this ingredient in the form of Prickly Pear Extract in all of our shampoos!

philippines islands

Philippines’ Secret Ingredient: Aloe Vera

Women from the Philippines manage their long, lustrous hair by spreading Aloe Vera extra throughout it regularly. Not only does it give their hair a shiny, glossy finish, but it also contains moisturizing properties that keep your hair conditioned, healthy and strong! You can find Aloe Vera Extract in all of our shampoos, our Pearl Essence Creme Rinse, Feng Shea Facial Scrub and our Blood of the Dragon Styling Gel (which can also be used to soothe sunburns on the skin!)