Woman checking for split ends

We’ve all suffered at one point or another from what I like to call “split end syndrome.”

You can take a deep breath; having split ends is not the end of the world… especially if you have on hand your favorite paleo hair care products!

Split ends are caused by a number of factors, including overuse of heat, styling abuse, stress or environmental factors. The hair will become cracked and will “split” upwards along the strand, resulting in frayed or brittle ends. Hair may take on a duller, matte look and begin to lose volume. You’ll notice tangles and snarls as the hairs rub against one another, causing additional damage and breakage. Talk about a vicious cycle!

The best way to prevent split ends is to form a healthy relationship with your hair through daily habits. Here are 6 tips to avoid split ends and get back your hair:

1. Regular trims with the Lunar Hair Chart

The easiest (and most obvious) way to avoid split ends is to simply cut them off. Regular trimmings remove the frayed hair and allow for healthy hair growth. The average time between haircuts for men should be 4-6 weeks. For women, that average time frame is between 8-12 weeks, but you can do more or less dependent on your hair type. If you’re looking to get the most out of your cut, make sure you schedule in accordance with the Lunar Hair Chart. The Lunar Hair chart predicts the most beneficial time to cut your hair to achieve the lunar goals: strengthen, lengthen, root work, thicken and beautify.

2. Beat the heat

Our use of blow dryers, straighteners and curling irons has reached a level of addiction. Most people are aware of that fact that heat damages hair and yet continue to use harmful styling tools because they make sculpting hair so easy. I’m here to be the bearer of bad news: easy is not always the right choice for your hair. Instead, practice air drying your hair as much as possible. If you’re looking for curls, apply a daub of our Blood of the Dragon Styling Gel to a lock of hair, twist, hold and release! Also, consider toning down the temperature of your shower, especially if you love to take longer showers (like me).
Zen detox hair masque

3. Seal in moisture with a hair masque

You’ve probably heard about mud masques for your face, but have you ever considered one for your hair? The Zen Detox Hair & Scalp Therapy seals in beneficial moisture to mend hair and split ends. Using the Zen Detox every couple weeks will strengthen, soften and improve overall shine.

4. Shampoo twice (really!)

A lot of us take the way we shampoo and condition our hair for granted, not considering that we may be doing it incorrectly. For example, only shampooing is often not enough for our hair to really be cleansed. Get into the habit of shampooing twice. The first wash rinses away loosened debris, dead skin cells and excess oils. The second rinse focuses more on the scalp; take your time, massaging the shampoo into your scalp to nourish the skin and improve healthy blood circulation. Follow up with one of our paraben-free conditioners, treating mostly the ends of the hair where the split ends occur.
Boar Bristle Brush

5. Brush, brush & brush

Always use a natural bristle brush to detangle your tresses after a shower. I personally love the Pure Boar Bristle Brush. Boar hair is almost identical to human hair, which allows it to pull your scalp’s natural oils from the roots of your hair to the ends. This natural oil makes for an excellent condition and seals in moisture, preventing split ends. Note: your hair is most susceptible to breakage when it is wet, so gently brush through your hair and stay away from harsh brushes!
no more damage no more dents

6. Pull it back & tie it up

Switching up your hair ties can make a big difference. Standard ties are made with elastic and can cause hair breakage and split ends. Choose softer hair ties from brands like Simbi, Pura Vida or the Sephora Collection of Ombre Seamless Hair Ties. You’ll be one step closer to kissing those split ends goodbye, plus your ponytail will look better than ever. It’s a win-win