Have you ever considered that the root cause of your hair issues might actually be from a fungal or yeast infection of the scalp?

In 2019, the U.S. Natural Library of Medicine reported that over 1 billion people are dealing with a fungal disease. A fungus can have major symptoms, or it can be somewhat stealthy. Athlete’s foot, jock itch, ringworm, skin rashes, and yeast infections are all related to a fungal infection.

Here are some common symptoms that can be caused by a yeast and fungal infection of the scalp:
  • Dandruff
  • Itchy scalp
  • Hair loss
  • Rashes
  • Alopecia
  • Dry and lifeless hair
  • Skin discoloration like Tinea Versicolor
When someone has had a fungus for a long time without really doing anything about it, the fungi sometimes branch off and root into places like the gut walls (leaky gut). In the case of a scalp fungus, they burrow deep into the roots of the hair follicle.

When fungi root they create mycelium, which are deeper roots that spread like a colony or mass. The mycelium spread like a colony or mass. The hair cannot breathe properly and gets plugged up.

What are treatments that are commonly used?

The #1 dandruff shampoo currently on the market is touted for clearing up scalp issues. Unfortunately, the ingredients in this formula are toxic to the human body. These ingredients include things like coal tar, sulfates and zinc pyriothione. Although the formula may provide temporary relief, it does not get to the root problem nor does it support a healthy body. The chemicals in these types of products weaken the liver and immune system, which disables your body’s natural ability to fight the fungus.

Additionally, the antibiotics and prescription topical creams that are typically recommended for such scalp infections can make the condition more deep-seated in the body.

These antibiotics can actually help the fungi to grow out of control. When the antibiotics are ingested, the bacteria often shapeshift to protect themselves and become stealthy germs that mutate and become larger in volume. Furthermore, the antibiotics knock out the good bacteria.

These bacteria colonies will do anything to protect themselves and when they mutate from the antibiotics, it is comparable to putting gas on a fire. Essentially, this masks the root cause of the fungal infection instead of handling it in a way that supports total body health. There may be temporary relief when these products or drugs are used but deep down it is not a solution for long-lasting health. Often the fungal infection will return months later.

In staying in alignment with Morrocco Method’s mission and goal of truly healthy botanicals for your body, we do the same when it comes to eradicating a fungal issue of the scalp. Just because it is on the outside of the body does not mean it doesn’t have to do with the inside of your body.

7 Steps to a Healthy Scalp

Step 1: Take away the products that are full of synthetics, chemicals, and preservatives that will hinder your immune system’s ability to clear the fungus.

Step 2: Adopt a healthy haircare routine and use products that are supportive of the immune system. Morrocco Method has many supportive articles on haircare regimes.

Step 3: Educate yourself on antibiotic use and how it can hinder your body’s ability to clear the fungus, as well as how essential oils can be more potent in the long run. Learn about the power of wild oregano as a powerful anti-fungal agent.

Step 4: Mix fungal-eradicating plant essential oils like Organic Tea Tree Oil and Wild Oil of Oregano to Morrocco Method shampoos as a healthier, DIY alternative to store-bought fungal shampoos.

The intelligence of these plant messengers can be potent allies when seeking optimal health. They take out the “bad guys” and team up with the “good guys”.

Euro natural oil
For a more intense medicinal treatment, mix 10-20 drops of Tea Tree or Wild Oregano oil with equal parts Morrocco Method’s Euro Oil, then apply to the scalp. Leave on for at least one hour, or overnight for a deeper treatment.

Step 5: Adopt a self-care regime that incorporates a healthy mindset and speak lovingly to yourself in the process. There is no sense in beating yourself up or being hard on yourself. It is time to take action and start your new healthy habits.

Step 6: A whole, organic and nutrient-dense diet will ensure your body is receiving vital nutrients to help your immune system. Cut out the things that exacerbate fungal infections like processed sweeteners, sugars and processed foods. Keep your body hydrated and eat the rainbow!

Step 7: Take a high-quality probiotic in the evening, at least 6 hours after oregano supplements so the good bacteria grows in your gut. This will support the eradication of the fungus. The oregano helps clean up the fungus while the probiotic will help enrich and seal the gut lining. Each have their own job to do, so they are best taken away from one another.

Understanding the seriousness of fungal and scalp infections is paramount to your health journey. These scalp and fungal infections can be stealthy and deep-seated once they are systemic.