Swimmers hair
There’s nothing quite like beating the heat by taking a dip in the pool. And while a sun tan might be one of your favorite summer accessories, chlorine-damaged hair probably isn’t. So, what’s the secret to staying relaxed by the poolside when you’re worried about the effects of chemicals on your hair? We think bentonite clay is definitely one of them. We’ve put together a list of how you can use our favorite bentonite clay product, Zen Detox, to naturally protect your hair, scalp, and skin from the harmful effects of chlorine exposure this summer.

How Does Chlorine Affect Your Hair?

Chlorine is a salt based chemical that’s added to the water in swimming pools to kill germs that can be harmful to humans. While it might be a good way to break down bacteria, unfortunately, it also breaks down the structure of the hair. By absorbing into strands of wet hair, chlorine is able to crystallize inside your individuals fibers as it dries, weakening the hair’s structure and causing it to become brittle. Chlorine also sucks the sebum out of our hair’s cuticles, drying the scalp and stripping our bodies of the natural oils it needs for protection. When our hair cuticles crack, it can also lead to split ends.

Repairing Chlorine Damaged Hair with Bentonite Clay

If you’re swimming in a chlorinated pool, chemical damage to the hair, scalp, and skin is almost unavoidable. Thankfully, bentonite clay can serve as a natural remedy for healing and detoxifying the harmful effects of this chemical. Our Zen Detox powder is formulated with bentonite clay, and it’s multiple uses makes it the perfect go-to product for repairing the damage that swimming can do.

Scalp Detox

The healthiest hair often starts with the scalp, which isn’t safe from the damage of chlorine either. Want to attack the root of your problems with swimmer’s hair? Bentonite clay is like a natural sponge for your scalp; it pulls out the chemicals left by chlorine without stripping your hair of it’s essential oils. It also regulates the amount of sebum secreted from scalp and skin, renewing the balance of natural oil in your hair cuticles and calming breakage and frizz.

Skin clay masque
To make an at-home scalp treatment with Zen Detox:

Mix 2-4 tbsp of warm, distilled water with 2-4 tbsp of Zen Detox powder. Make sure that both your bowl and mixing spoon are made from non-metal materials, or there will be a negative reaction that causes your hair mask to lose its potency. After massaging the clay mixture into your scalp, smooth onto strands and let it sit for about 20 minutes. To remove, submerge your scalp in a tub or basin, gently working the majority of the clay out with your hands, and rinsing the excess mixture off with only water, not shampoo.

Skin Relief and Repair

Summertime skin should be shown off with a glowing tan, not a chemical rash! Repeated exposure to chlorine can aggravate the skin, and often worsens existing conditions like eczema. Aside from redness and itching, chlorine’s ability to strip the skin of its natural oils can also lead to dryness and even wrinkles. Want softer skin and rash relief after swimming in a pool? Not only does bentonite clay draw out toxins and even out your tone, it can also alleviate the redness, peeling, and eczema irritation that chlorine causes.

To make a skin-restoring face mask with Zen Detox: 

First, make sure your skin is clean and damp prior to application. Mix the bentonite healing clay powder with equal parts water, and then apply to the face, avoiding the eyes and mouth. Let the mask set for about 10-15 minutes, or until dry, and then simply rinse off with a warm, wet washcloth.

To make a soothing body-soak with Zen Detox:

Generously add bentonite clay detox powder to your bathwater, as desired. Submerge yourself and soak for about 15-20 minutes, or even as long as half an hour. Make sure you’re staying hydrated during your soak, too, as detox can be slightly taxing on the body. If you aren’t sure about taking a whole-body bentonite clay bath, try starting off with a simple and detoxifying foot soak.