With the current status of our world’s health we realize that we’ve been flooded with pollution and toxins in many forms.

Psychologically, it can be challenging to go through hair issues. The health of your hair and skin can often serve as an indicator to your body’s overall health; if your hair starts to shows signs of weakening, your body may be sending you a message, and its best to honor these messages instead of slipping them under the rug.

We don’t have to live in a cave in order to thrive in our modern world, but we do need to learn how to adapt if we want our bodies and hair to look and feel as healthy as they did when we were younger. This applies to both emotional and psychological attitude. Often, social programming makes us feel inferior and not worthy. This defuses our own power, which we can’t let happen, because we are truly more than our external appearance.

So, no matter what your age, if you aren’t experiencing the head of hair you desire, you don’t have to feel powerless. Our bodies, down to even the DNA level, can be affected by environmental factors. The study of how our environment influences our genetic functions is known as epigenetics. Such environmental factors include air quality, nutrition and stress. In my own terms, I refer to these factors as the Five Pillars, which if expressed properly, can promote better cell health. They are:
  • Cellular communication
  • Cellular environment
  • Cellular movement
  • Cellular nutrition
  • Ability to master detoxification
Zen detox
The first step in addressing environmental factors is to get back to basics, starting with the soil of the hair: the scalp. Overtime, the environment deposits toxins in the scalp, such as synthetic chemicals, pesticides and so forth. Bentonite clay, a natural clay deposit found in mountains all over the world, is a great tool for drawing out these heavy metals and toxins. Morrocco Method’s Zen Detox is a mixture of bentonite clay, along with a healthy mix of herbs and minerals, to get you started on your healthy hair journey.

Along with the external, there are other factors that we cannot dismiss. Stress is a big one. How do you handle your stress load? Do you meditate and connect to your true source for power? Do you go for walks to clear your mind? Do you have a breathing practice to help slow down your bodies fight or flight response?

Forms of relaxation are important because the health of our bodies (as well as our hair) are affected by internal factors like stress. For example, our adrenals and kidneys work harder when under stress. The kidneys help filter toxins, including those found in the hair, so if the body cannot process toxins efficiently, the hair becomes negatively affected. Tai Chi or Chi Gong are also excellent for building up muscle and respiratory strength. Body work and neuro muscular therapy have also been shown to release past stress memories stored within the tissues and muscles.

Herbs and spices next to stone bowl

Lastly, diet can be an important factor in the health of your hair. Work towards eliminating as much processed food as possible, choosing instead clean, healthy whole foods. Supplement your diet vitamin-rich Chinese tonic herbs, and learn which plants help strengthen the kidneys and hair, such as Ho Shou Wu. Ho Shou Wu is a good source of iron and antioxidants and supply vital energy to the body.

So what to remember from this article?

Get into a mind set of taking responsibility and action towards your goals and the long term result instead of the quick fix. Take life slow and realize that if you want long lasting results and truth than you need to do what it takes now to reap the rewards later.

Morocco Method provides you with all the truly natural substances to nourish your scalp, roots and hair in order to regain your hair health. But along with supplying nourishment to your hair, you must also take the time to address both internal and external factors, such as diet and stress. Work on the 5 pillars daily, and take control of environmental factors that are hindering you from achieving naturally healthy hair. With patience comes acceptance of our inner beauty at a deeper level. Positive thoughts and a positive attitude will guide us to a healthier, happier future.