At Morrocco Method, we promise to always be chemical free, this includes Cocamide MEA in shampoos. In fact, we have removed several potential pollutants from our products in order to guarantee that we are keeping our promise to be a clean and safe company to buy your shampoo and hair care from. One of the ingredients we have removed from any MM product: coconut. Why? Because of the possibility of Cocamide MEA in shampoo.

Cocamide MEA

What is Cocamide MEA?

According the the Environmental Working Group’s Skin Deep Database, Cocamide MEA is “a compound synthesized from coconut oils and ethanolamine.” This chemical compound is used in many personal care products claiming to be “natural” due to their use of coconut oil. However, this compound is not coconut oil in the way you or I might think of it, in fact, it appears as as a waxy, white substance and often works as a foaming agent. Does that sound natural to you? However, there are more concerning things about Cocamide MEA in shampoos, according to a recent article in Truth About Aging:

This ingredient may contain traces of Cocamide DEA, which according to the FDA may lead to the formation of carcinogenic nitrosamines.

You can learn more on the facts of Cocamide MEA in shampoos on the page, but like all the other scientific studies about this product, there are many concerns about the irritant levels of this chemical compound.

What it Means for Shampoos Mislabeled “Natural”

The Center for Environmental Health has come forward and launched a lawsuit due to the mislabeling of Cocamide MEA and DEA. As a known carcinogen in the state of California, Cocamide DEA is often apparent in many shampoos claiming otherwise and is also often found in Cocamide MEA.

Products tested with high levels of cocamide DEA include shampoos made by Colgate Palmolive, Colomer, Paul Mitchell, and many others. In addition, products marketed for children and a product falsely labeled as organic were found with the chemical, in violation of California law.

Get the full list of “natural” fakers and find out more about the lawsuit.

The Morrocco Method Promise

Apple cider vinegar shampoo
We promise to never contaminate your shampoo with chemicals. Cocamide MEA and DEA have become huge problems and are finally coming to the forefront as an issue that needs to be addressed. This is yet another reason why we ask you to be a smart consumer and read your ingredient lists. You won’t find cocamide MEA in shampoos made by MM–or any other chemical!

With Morrocco Method, you can be sure that you’re getting the top in quality of ingredients, and quality of your look.