There is a lot of controversy in regards to Xanthan Gum. Is it or isn’t it safe? What is it derived from? How is it made? Is it Paleo? Today, i’m hopefully going to clear some of that confusion up for you!

Let’s start by talking about where Morrocco Method Xanthan Gum is derived from and how it is made.

Here are Morrocco Method, we believe in providing you with the most all natural products possible. This is why our Xanthan Gum is made from Non GMO corn. The process of making Xanthan Gum is similar to the process of making beer, and it all starts with bacteria! Sounds gross right? Well i’m here to tell you, it isn’t!

Made with non gmo ingredients
Our Non GMO corn is fermented by Xanthomonas campestris, a naturally occurring bacteria. In order to make this solid after it is fermented, either Ethanol or Isopropyl Alcohol is added to the mixture. Xantham gum often gets a bad reputation because of the inclusion of Isopropyl Alcohol, a synthetic compound. At Morrocco Method, we use Ethanol, the more natural of the two.

How is Ethanol all natural you ask?

Ethanol is just like the alcohol found in whiskey or other drinks. But instead of being mixed with water, it is comprised of 100% alcohol. Ethanol is produced from the fermentation of sugars from yeasts, a natural process that has been practiced for thousands of years.

Once the Ethanol makes the fermented bacteria into a solid, it is crushed down to make a powder. When this powder is added to our other all natural ingredients, it gives it a gum like texture that helps to thicken the products to create textures such as our Styling Gel and Feng Shea Facial Scrub! It can also be added to products such as shampoos to make sure they have a thicker consistency than just water to really help spread through the hair and feed it!

Studies in the past have shown that this product is safe for humans to ingest. For more information on the safety of ingesting Xanthan Gum, check out this article from Dr. Josh Axe (DNM, DC, CNS, and certified doctor of natural medicine.)

xanthan gum powder
There are many debates as to whether or not Xanthan Gum is Paleo or not. The answer, unfortunately, often depends on the individual’s understanding and interpretation of Paleo. However, Xantham Gum is the most popular thickener among the natural and gluten free communities because of its lack of chemical alteration.

Lastly, as mentioned a few times above, our Xanthan Gum is Non GMO. What does this mean? GMO stands for: Genetically Modified Organisms. For example, some corns are genetically modified to produce their own pesticide. While this might seem like a great idea, the chemical alterations can be harmful to the body when ingested. Non GMO means that our products such as the corn we ferment, are not genetically altered in any way and are in fact natural and just as Mother Nature made them!

There you have it! I hope this helps tame your curiosity about Xanthan Gum and it’s uses!