Often, if we are unhappy with how our hair looks or behaves, we view our hair care routine as a time-consuming chore and become frustrated by it. This is perfectly understandable, but it helps to keep in mind that just as gardening requires patience, care and time, achieving healthy hair is an ongoing labor of love.

Anthony Morrocco lists positivity as an essential “spoke in the wheel” of the Morrocco Method. Along with lunar hair cutting, the use of 100% natural hair care products, proper brushing, diet, and regular exercise, outlook is key.

Whether we realize it or not, our attitude affects every aspect of our lives in a multitude of ways. Positivity can help us to stay focused on our goals, draw motivation from small victories, and ultimately find more contentment in our successes.

Here are some tips to bring more joy into your hair care routine.

Note that I am not a trained psychologist or expert. These are strategies I employ in many areas of my own life, but you should find what works for you and seek expert advice if you feel that you need it!

1. See hair care as a journey

It can be difficult, but hair care doesn’t have to be a battle. It’s a journey! That means, that there is no ultimate end-point that signals success or that needs to be achieved for you to be happy with your hair. Instead, think of making healthy choices for yourself and your hair as success in itself, and enjoy the many other successes that result along the way.

2. Regard your reflection with love

Notice where your mind goes when you look in the mirror. If your thoughts about your appearance or hair are negative, actively try to replace them with positive ones. Find out what you love about your hair, and celebrate those things. It may take effort at first, but positive thinking can become a habit.

3. Draw power from independence

Own your hair care routine. Take pride in caring for your own hair, and be grateful for your ability to do so. By taking charge of your health and your hair, you are asserting yourself and your power to affect positive change in your life. Know that you have the ability to take steps in the right direction, and that you can start right away. If you have an established Morrocco Method routine, be adventurous and try blunt snipping your own hair! The ability to cut our own hair is not one that many of us realize we have.

4. Thank yourself

Be grateful to yourself for the care you put into your health and your appearance. When you put time into caring for your hair and consider hair care options that are not harmful to your health, you are already practicing self-love. Start by thanking yourself for that, and remember—every day is a good hair day.