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Don’t you wish some days that you just had more energy? A well-kept secret of the Taoist masters can actually draw from reserve Chi energy stored in your hair.

The basic premise here is that the hair is the external storehouse of Chi energy generated inside the body.

This quote comes from Mantak Chia, a Chi Kung master, who for years has taught a meditative practice known as “hair breathing.” All internal organs, Chia says, are connected to the outside via the millions of hairs that cover the human body. Chi energy generated by the inner organs, muscles, tendons, and blood are stored in each individual strand of hair. “Hair breathing” is the process of drawing this stored bodily Chi energy back into the body for use. And while these techniques often takes years to master, more on meditative breathing practices can be found in Anthony’s free e-book.

Normally this surplus energy is lost because we are unaware that is is stored in the hair and do not know how to access or use it.

But not all hair stores Chi energy in the same way. In fact, your body has five different types of hair–body, eyebrow, pubic, armpit, scalp–and each type of hair is connected to different internal organs. Armpit hair, for example, is strongly connected to the Chi energy generated by the spleen. Eyebrow energy stores energy from the tendons.

Your hair acts as an outward manifestation of your body’s internal processes, and the condition of your hair corresponds with the current chemical state of various body structures. An imbalance in the blood, for example, may be reflected by thinning or damaged hair.

Chemicals, then, pose a threat to your body’s store of Chi energy; hair that becomes damaged by chemicals no longer properly syncs with the inner organs. Natural products, on the other hand, actually nourish this connection and ensure the continued Chi connection between body and hair.

It just goes to show that your hair is a living thing and as such should be treated with only raw, all-natural products. You’ll soon feel more vibrant, energetic, and healthy.