Your body absorbs everything you put in it or on it. Just as it absorbs and breaks down food, your body does the same with the personal care products you use. With the risk of COVID-19 ever-present, it’s important to protect your body and immune system against toxins and germs. Let’s start with the hair care products you use.

The Immune System

Your immune system protects your body against infection, fighting off harmful substances and germs. Most of the time, your immune system performs remarkably well – successfully defending your body against disease-causing germs. To function properly, your immune system requires balance and harmony to maintain what Harvard experts call “the intricacies and interconnectedness of the immune response.”

Products that Damage or Weaken an Immune System

Your skin is the largest organ in your body. Its two main layers – the outer epidermis and inner dermis – act as a shield to the harms of the outside world. But your skin isn’t a complete barrier, and chemicals and toxins can get into our body through the skin and disrupt the balance and harmony of the immune system. This chemical absorption also happens through hair follicles.

On any given day, you expose your body to potential toxins in countless ways: you lather up your hair with shampoo and conditioner, apply shaving cream, put on lotion, cleanse your face, massage hair product into your scalp, slather on sunscreen, use hand soap, and moisturize your face. With hardly any awareness, you’ve exposed your body to so many different products with potentially toxic ingredients!

The ingredients in many brands of everyday hair and skin care products haven’t been tested for safety. Even labels like “natural” aren’t fully regulated, so you can’t be 100% confident that every ingredient in these products is safe for your body to absorb. We recommend looking up any products and brands you use through reputable sources. Here are some dangerous ingredients you should avoid:

  • Parabens: These are used as a preservative to keep bacteria out of cosmetics and shampoos. However, it’s likely your skin can absorb them, and they have been linked to growth of breast cancer cells.
  • Formaldehyde: This is a known carcinogen that is absorbed through the skin. The formaldehyde-releasers often have different names, but one often found in shampoo is quaternium-15.
  • Synthetic fragrances: Products with “fragrance” on their label could contain thousands of chemicals. Some of these chemicals can disrupt reproductive systems or cause cancer or asthma.
It’s easy to see how the delicate balance of your body’s systems can be thrown off, but don’t worry! You can start taking steps today against the buildup of chemicals and toxins from unsafe personal care products.

Hair Care Products that Can Support your Immune System

Here at Morrocco Method, we pride ourselves on 100% natural, organic ingredients that won’t damage your body, but can actually boost its functioning! We believe what you put on your hair is as important as what you put into your body, and you shouldn’t have to wonder what’s in your personal care products. Every ingredient in our products is natural and readable – you can check out all of our ingredient lists yourself! Morrocco Method products are also American-made, giving you even further assurance and security when you use them.

Morrocco Method’s raw shampoos, like Apple Cider Vinegar Shampoo, or Heavenly Essence Shampoo, can be safely absorbed through your skin and hair follicles. Our shampoos are filled with pure, hand-picked ingredients and are all raw, vegan, paleo, sulfate-free, gluten-free, and non-foaming (with the exception of our shampoo bar, that has an all-natural light lathering agent). Not only will your hair be energized and revitalized, but you can rest assured knowing you’re protecting your body’s delicate immune system.

Another good starting point to boost your immune system is to assess your facial cleansers and creams. The skin on your face is delicate, and you don’t want to unknowingly damage the skin or risk toxins being absorbed. Morrocco Method’s Feng Shea Facial Scrub is nourishing and refreshing, and every single ingredient is safe and natural. Our Zen Facial Cream is handcrafted in small batches with sweet almond oil, jojoba, and wild rose. It is 100% natural, hypoallergenic, and high in vitamins and minerals that can help your skin and body stay healthy while looking its best.

Whole Body Approach to Boosting your Immunity

Replacing toxin-filled hair products with Morrocco Method’s immune-boosting products is a good first step to help your body’s systems function healthily. Beyond that, we recommend a whole body approach to improving your immune function.

This practice should include things like eating a healthy and balanced diet, full of whole foods. Food is your body’s first line of defense! Whole fruits and vegetables, healthy fats, protein, seeds, and nuts are loaded with nutrients to boost your immune system. Make sure you are also drinking enough water and getting enough rest. Reducing stress is also a critical component of ensuring good immune function. Exercise and sunlight can help too!

Our earth is a living, breathing organism that we are all privileged to live on. Morrocco Method supports our earth and all communities that live on it through products we curate in the most beneficial methods for your hair, skin, and entire body.