Coffee shops and concrete with a few parks sprinkled here and there left me wanting something more. This oversimplification is how I feel sometimes about the world we live in. It is a part of the reason I spent years of my life traveling the US and the world. The search for something more, a missing piece. Today, this journey has brought me back home. Now I know what I was looking for was not material goods or an answer to a question. It was the journey itself, the journey we are all on, the eternal journey inward. This awareness of myself has been that missing piece.

IMINOM Triangle
You are the only one who can choose to go on such a journey. It requires just your desire to go. You can walk out your door and keep walking and walking leaving everything behind (I don’t recommend this for an extended period of time). Another option is to acquire tools to reach your destination faster and without physical harm. Like putting on shoes for your walk, allowing you to go farther, faster and without physical harm. Om bowls /singing bowls are the most powerful and simple tool I have found to assist the inward journey. It allows us to reach our internal self almost instantly getting us to our destination and back with time to spare. Striking the bowl (without any external distractions/sounds and preconceptions) and letting the OM in through the breath is all it takes to start the most important and significant journey one can ever take.

Thank you for your time, Enjoy your journey,
Brandon Morris, Founder of IM IN OM