Unless you’re actually living in the Paleo period and not just on the diet, chances are you’ve heard about GMOs, Monsanto, and the controversy surrounding it. With the Safe and Accurate Food Labeling Act (known as The DARK Act) getting dangerously close to being approved by Congress, GMOs have turned into a household name. Now, it’s become an issue that we simply can’t ignore. It should make you wonder if your label is lying about GMOs.

So, why should YOU be concerned about the DARK Act? Read on to find out what GMOs are, what Monsanto has to do with them, and why Morrocco Method finds it so important to make sure our labels tell the truth about our all-natural products.

What does GMO Mean?

GMO stands for Genetically Modified Organisms. Some time ago, scientists started researching cost effective ways to keep up with rising food demand from an increasing population. This lead to the idea of genetic modification. Scientists began to change the genetic makeup and DNA of organisms to make them stronger against the effects of nature. The intent was to alter these organisms, like plants, in ways that would allow them to produce more rapidly and with a higher yield.

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What is Monsanto?

Monsanto is an Agricultural Biotechnology corporation that is currently the planet’s largest producer of genetically engineered seeds. Started in 1901, Monsanto originally produced chemicals. Notably, Monsanto is known for manufacturing Agent Orange; an herbicide once used as a weapon to destroy vegetation serving as cover and resources for opposing nations. Agent Orange’s use in the Vietnam War publicized its damaging effects; having been linked to birth defects, disease, soil contamination and famine.

Being one of the first companies to genetically modify a plant cell, Monsanto is now one of the world’s top suppliers of vegetable seeds. They’ve become a company that controls the majority of our crops; from their genetic makeup to the chemicals used on them, since they STILL use Agent Orange as a pesticide.

How Are GMOs Affecting Us?

Early on, GMOs seemed like a good idea. In theory, genetically modifying organisms could create more nutritious crops that would grow faster and be more tolerable to nature’s conditions. GMOs might reduce the need for pesticides and lower production costs. But, the long term effects of GMOs on humans were not initially studied. Now, we’re finding that it’s leading to some serious problems for our population. GMOs are causing major ecological imbalances in the environment, as well as with population control for the plants themselves and animals that feed on them. The altered genetic makeup of these organisms has potentially exposed humans to new allergens and antibiotic resistant genes.

Even the economy is projected to see negative effects from GMOs. Private companies creating these organisms also want to have control over sharing information on how they’re made. Large scale farms will dominate the market if these smaller farmers can’t afford the technology, making it even harder for small farms to survive.

The DARK Act- Denying Americans the Right to Know

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Now, Monsanto is even trying to control our food labels. They’re lobbying for the Safe and Accurate Food Labeling Act to pass through Congress. Currently, the FDA makes it optional for companies to label products with GMOs, even though over 40% of the world’s population already labels genetically engineered products. Also known as The DARK Act, this bill seeks to block states from labeling genetically engineered foods. It really makes you wonder; if GMOs are so safe, then why is Monsanto trying to take away our right to know if our food is made with them?

Morrocco Method is a 100% GMO-free company. We believe in providing our customers with the only finest all-natural products. ALL of our ingredients are raw, wild-crafted, sulfate-free, gluten-free, cruelty-free and synthetic chemical-free.