Managing stress can feel like a daunting task under normal, day-to-day circumstances. Factor in a global pandemic, constant uncertainty, and widespread fear, and managing stress might feel like an impossible battle to win. But it’s a battle worth fighting. Stress can lead to worsening immunity, deteriorating physical or mental health, and lowered quality of life.

Research shows that accessing more positive than negative emotions improves your health, helps you face challenges with more optimism, and fosters social, mental, emotional, and physical resilience[1] . Accessing positivity actually makes you live longer!

At Morrocco Method, our goal is to increase your positive outlook by nurturing you holistically. Our products are good for you – for your body and for your mind! Adding our restorative products into your daily rhythms is a good first step toward living positively, lowering stress, and improving your immunity. The Morrocco Method uses 100% natural ingredients, and we’re transparent about what goes into our products – check out these lists of ingredients you can actually read!

There are many additional practices you can implement to combat stress and anxiety. Adding just one or two practices can significantly lower stress and improve your immunity.

Practices to reduce stress

Create soothing self-care rituals

In times of stress, it’s more important than ever to practice self care. You can implement soothing practices to look forward to – such as a warm bath with our soothing sea salt scrub or doing a facial treatment with our Zen Facial Cream. Sometimes, simply having a relaxing experience to look forward to can propel you through your day with greater positivity.

Create a gratitude ritual

Gratitude is an under-practiced ritual that can transform how you engage with your day. Find regular moments to draw your attention to things you are grateful for, and be sure to write them down or share them with a friend or family member. It’s so easy to think about what’s challenging or stressful, but by intentionally practicing gratitude you can rewire your brain to more quickly focus on the positive. And remember – you can be grateful for even the simplest things: the breath you are breathing in this moment, the feeling of sun on your skin, the sound of a chirping bird signaling springtime is here.

Start the day in quiet

It’s easy to reach for your phone before you even get out of bed in the morning. Instead of scrolling through your social media or news feed, find ways to start your day in focus and quiet. Perhaps you do some meditation, gentle stretching, or breathing exercises. The Wim Hof breathing method is a good place to start! Maybe you journal while sipping on coffee or tea. Or you can gently wake up your skin and body by using our natural and soothing skincare products, like the Feng Shea Facial Scrub. The key is to make the first thing you do each day a restful, rejuvenating practice that can center you.

Find a focal practice

A focal practice is an activity that requires patience and attentiveness, that is worthwhile in and of itself, not just in what it produces. Examples are things like gardening, woodworking, cooking, reading, playing a musical instrument, or meditation. These exercises require engagement; they are not accomplished without effort. It is that effort that draws you in, and as you give complete focus to the task at hand, you find yourself less concerned with any worries or anxieties.

Establish touch points for relationship and connection

Now more than ever, it is imperative to maintain connection. Create regular rhythms of touching base with close friends or family members. Connect with old and new friends – this connection will remind you that you are not alone in your feelings. Be sure to make your conversation intentional. Share what is good, what is difficult, and ask how you can encourage and check in with one another.

Stay active

If you can, while maintaining proper social distancing, exercise or find a way to stay active. Go on a walk around your neighborhood. Download an at-home workout app or find a YouTube channel with yoga, pilates, or HIIT workouts. Staying active and engaging your body will keep you grounded and give you energy to face each day. After you exercise, you can refresh your skin with our Ocean Air Facial Spray to revitalize your face and body.

Limit news consumption

The news cycle never stops, and our bodies weren’t made to keep up at that pace. Limit your intake of the news to once or twice a day. If you have to, schedule in the one or two times you will check the news each day, and set a time limit.

Reduce dependence on electronics

Many of us have an unhealthy dependence on our electronic devices, and in particular, our smartphones. Researchers have found an association between smartphone usage and stress and anxiety hormones in the body. It can be an immune-boosting practice to set aside a morning or afternoon – or even an entire day – where you put your phone away. Instead of using your devices, you could give your body some love and boost your immunity through relaxing with our Sea Salt Body Scrub and 100% natural shampoos.

Be aware of escapist behaviors

It’s easy to indulge in escapist behaviors during times like these. Instead of enabling an “escape” through sugar, social media, staying up late, overconsumption of alcohol or other substances, ask yourself what you are using that escapist behavior for. Of course, it’s not inherently bad to enjoy a glass or wine or stay up late one night watching a good movie or enjoying an engaging book. But cultivate the mindfulness to recognize if you are engaging in the activity to enjoy, or to escape.

Take a Deep Breath, and Pick a Practice

This list is just a start. And remember: you can’t do it all. We recommend starting by adding some natural, immune-boosting products to your body and hair care routine. And then just choose one or two additional practices to try. Maybe next week you choose another practice or two. Before you know it, your anxiety and stress will be lower as these practices become habitual, a new way of life!

Let us know in the comments what stress-reducing practices have worked for you, and which Morrocco Method products have helped you lower your stress and boost your immunity!