Typically a ringing alarm clock at 4am is never fun, but the whole team sprung out of bed and all scurried to the airport as we got one step closer to finally being in Austin.


With only one day remaining before the team leaves, we are eagerly awaiting the show. Our team is all packed up, checked-in with the airlines, and ready for an unbelievable show. We will be at Booth #80 if you want to stop by and pay us a visit, we might have an event-exclusive coupon code for you :)

We are always open to hearing about your favorite restaurants/must see’s in the Austin area, comment your suggestions below.

Health and Happiness,

The MM Traveling Team


Every great trip starts with a great packing list! At the show we will have all our MM products available for display. Including our newest lines of Pet and Baby shampoos. Visit us at Paleo and take advantage of a special event promotion code! Remember, we are Booth #80.

MM apple cider vinegar shampoo

What product are you excited to learn more about?

Health and Happiness,

The MM Traveling Team


In preparation for Paleo f(x) we have been busy with all forms of travel details! Flight plans, booking an energy efficient vehicle, getting an Airbnb, and learning about the Austin, TX area. Of course the biggest part of any trip is the food. So we want to hear from you!
paleo salad

What is your favorite macrobiotic, Paleo or Vegan friendly restaurant in the Austin area?

Health and Happiness,

The MM Traveling Team


We just had our custom Paleo f(x) banners delivered to MM headquarters today! This year at Paleo f(x) we will be featuring MM classics, as well as introducing our newest lines of MM products: Baby and Pet!

You will have to wait until the expo to see our new banner design, but until then here is a fun office photo of our newest products:
New Baby and Pet MM Products
What do you think about Morrocco Method bringing natural products to the whole family?

Health and Happiness,

The MM Traveling Team


paleo  fx invitation

Exciting News!

Morrocco Method Int’l will be hosting a booth at Paleo f(x) this year! The expo will be held in Austin, TX at the Palmer Events Center May 19th through May 21st, 2017. This year we are nominated for “Best Paleo Bodycare” company and invite you to celebrate with us at Booth #80!

New to Paleo f(x)?

Paleo f(x)™ is the world’s premier wellness event, covering health, nutrition, fitness, sustainability & everything in between. From the beginner to the expert, there’s something for everyone at Paleo f(x). – Paleo f(x) Website

Getting Ready, Set, Gone…

As we get ready to hit the road to Paleo we will be updating this blog regularly with photos, videos and updates. We are super excited and hope to see you all there!

Health and Happiness!

The MM Traveling Team