3 Plants You Can Easily Grow While In Quarantine

People around the world are doing their part to curb the spread of COVID-19 by staying home. For many, this time in quarantine might feel like long, drawn-out days that are boring and unstimulating.

Instead, what if we used this time to learn a new skill?

Our everyday lives are now disrupted, and even necessary activities, such as food shopping, have been turned upside down. So, this is the perfect opportunity to learn to garden. Creating a garden isn’t difficult. First, choose a small space indoors that has access to sunlight. Then pick a few plants that will grow quickly, such as turnips, carrots, and herbs. It’s a good idea to consider plants like these that can be harvested after approximately 40 days. This will allow your family to enjoy fresh homegrown produce while in quarantine.

Morrocco Method feels strongly about sustainability and being as environmentally friendly as possible. Therefore, when sourcing everything you need for the garden, it’s best to purchase plants or seeds and potting soil from local farms—some may even offer home delivery. If you don’t know where to find farms in your area, check out greenpeople.org for some great advice on shopping and living green. Morrocco Method is also listed as an approved 100% Natural Personal Care Product Provider serving domestically and internationally.

Let’s take a closer look at which plants you can grow easily and quickly while in coronavirus quarantine.


There are a few herbs, including mint and chives, that don’t take much effort to grow. Instead of starting with seeds, it’s ideal to purchase herbs from your local farmer and then replant them into a pot. For anyone located in San Luis Obispo County, Morrocco Method recommends https://slocountyfarmers.org/ for finding trusted farmers markets offering California grown plants and produce.

Place the herbs in a spot that will get plenty of sunlight. When watering, first check if the soil is moist, and if so, skip that day.

Don’t let the plants grow out of control. You can avoid this by remembering to harvest and prune the plants often.


There are several different varieties of turnips that are available. However, it’s best to choose turnip varieties that can be harvested within one to two months, such as Tokyo Cross or Purple Top Milan.

For this plant, you will want to use a large pot, around two gallons in size. Start by adding a small layer of gravel at the bottom and filling the rest with topsoil. Then sow the seeds 4 inches apart and ½ inch deep.

Turnips grow best when they are placed in direct sunlight, such as a windowsill, and when they can be harvested once the plant is around 4 inches tall.


When planting carrots, choose a baby variety that will be ready for harvest in a shorter amount of time. For instance, Mokum carrots can be harvested after around 30 days.

For this plant, you will need a medium-sized pot of around 12 inches deep. Fill the pot with soil and sprinkle seeds on the top. Then lightly moisten the soil.

Keep a close eye on the seeds over the next few days, and as they begin to grow, clip back the baby plants to keep them ½ inch apart. If you decide to replant after a couple of weeks, make sure to pull the carrot out instead of digging, so you don’t damage the roots.

Morrocco Method believes in doing what’s right for the community, which is why we are doing our part to help battle the pandemic. By starting a garden while in coronavirus quarantine, it is a great way to continue living a sustainable lifestyle along with supporting local farmers.

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