God/Goddess Hair Restoring Elixir Set (4)


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The God/Goddess Elixir Set contains four potent elixirs to reconstruct, restore, revitalize, repair, and renew your hair and scalp while nourishing and deep conditioning. As our intermediate set of elixirs, we suggest using only after completing the Gold/Silver Elixir Set. Once you have completed the Gold/Siler Elixir Set and this collection, we highly recommend moving onto the Tri-Color Elixir set for the ultimate in scalp reconstruction, revitalization, rejuvenation, and restoration.

Created from the finest oils, herbs and minerals from around the globe, this elixir set is perfect for people looking to restore the youthful vitality of their hair and scalp.


1. What Are The Elixirs?
2. When Can I Use Elixirs?
3. Which Elixirs Do I Start With?
4. How Often Do I Apply The Elixirs?
5. How Do I Use The Elixirs With The Lunar Hair Chart?
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Before even starting elixirs, your hair and scalp should be thoroughly detoxified. This is best achieved by switching to a completely natural and holistic hair care regimen with Morrocco Method products. This allows your hair and scalp to be most susceptible to the elixirs, so not a drop is wasted. A good rule of thumb is to be over the potential detox period or at least three months into a holistic regimen. If you are coming from using the Golden & Silver Series, wait one month and do a Zen Detox Hair & Scalp Therapy before starting the God/Goddess Series. Follow with the Tri-Color Elixirs.

• Apply to hairline and thinning areas 1-3 hours before bedtime
• In the morning, brush your hair with a natural boar bristle brush
• You may apply Elixir to ends of hair if dry
• DO NOT use Euro Oil while using the Elixirs

• Week 1: Apollo Air
• Week 2: Poseidon Sea
• Week 3: Gaia Earth
• Week 4: Pele Lava
• Week 5: Rest/Zen Detox
• Repeat until Elixirs are gone
• Series best used once a season

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