Blunt Snip Haircutting Kit


Stimulating + Ergonomic + Paleo

Take control of your hair's health with the Blunt Snip Haircutting Kit. This package makes DIY haircutting easy by providing you with the best possible tools to practice Anthony Morrocco's Blunt Snip Method, a revolutionary method of cutting hair that protects the strands, allowing for healthy hair growth.

Along with salon-grade haircutting tools, you will receive a printed copy of our Lunar Hair Chart. Utilizing the moon's natural cycle, the Lunar Hair Chart displays the optimal dates each month for cutting your hair based on the five hair goals: Thicken, Beautify, Lengthen, Root Work, and Strengthen.

You will also receive access to our 8-part video guide. In these videos, you will learn about the tools and techniques you'll need to comfortably practice sustainable haircutting from Linda Deslauriers, a holistic hair expert with over 25 years of experience.


  • Professional Haircutting Scissors
  • Rattail Comb
  • Lunar Hair Chart Calendar
  • Video Series with Linda Deslauriers

View our video series on 5 Elements Hair Cutting Techniques


The Blunt Snip Haircutting Kit provides you with everything you need to give yourself or someone else a great haircut. The video series was created with all levels in mind, helping you understand the foundations of haircutting. The Lunar Hair Chart helps you select the best days to cut based on your haircutting goals. All of the tools contained in this kit help you take your first step in your holistic haircutting journey.

Customer Reviews

Based on 77 reviews
Melissa M.
Awesome Hair cut set!

I have my set for a while and never used them. Finally did a trim and they are so easy to use and love them.

Peggy H.
Love these scissors

I wasn’t sure about cutting my own hair. After watching some videos I decided to get these and give it a try. The scissors are good quality and just the right size. I have cut my hair twice now and am a complete believer in this process and the scissors. Thank you!

obrien, k.
I’m so pleased and proud

I’m so pleased and proud of my scissor purchase. I waited along time for them to go on sale so I could get a pai. After all that wait I got them for 20.00$
:heart:️ It. They fell like such a clean cutting scissor. I wish I could find a professional that cuts hair the Anthony Morrocco way.

Lucia G.
I love Morroco method, have

I love Morroco method, have great products

Andrea D.
After watching MM’s YouTube videos

After watching MM’s YouTube videos I was inspired to try cutting my own hair. I love it! The blunt snip technique feels so invigorating, i can actually feel my scalp tingling after a cut. This kit has everything you need to do your own haircuts. The scissors are high quality and so sharp to cut your hair. The lunar guide to tell you when to cut each month to reach your hair goals. And a link to videos giving tips and techniques on how to cut your hair. I look forward to my haircuts now and love being able to do it all myself!