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Six months into my routine of lunar hair cutting, I noticed that the wave patterns of my hair had dramatically and beautifully shifted. It was most dramatic the day after I cut my hair. I realized that the natural part of my hair changed to the other side of my head, in a way that was completely new and surprisingly complimentary for my face shape.

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5 Reasons Natural Hair Care Matters for your family

Our hair and scalp require a rich variety of minerals and nutrients in order to thrive. Inversely, overloading our hair with synthetic chemicals can hamper growth and leave hair dull and lifeless. Here are some reasons to choose natural hair care products:

1. No More Parabens or plastics
Parabens are chemical substances found in virtually every major cosmetic product. Intended to make cosmetics safer by inhibiting bacterial growth, parabens are known to have some nasty side effects. In regards to hair, they can deteriorate the health of the follicles and scalp by removing the protective cuticle, rendering hair dull and weak.

2. Say goodbye to sulfates
Sulfate (or Sodium Laurel Sulfate) is a widely used chemical because of its ability to break down dirt and oil. With repeated washes, however, sulfate begins to strip away the moisture and protective barriers of your hair. Side effects can include skin irritation, dandruff, breakage or hair deterioration.

3. Bentonite: Your new best friend
Clay was used thousands of years ago to protect and naturally detoxify hair. Bentonite clay is one of the key components of the 5 Elements Hair Care line because it works to draw out impurities in the scalp, while feeding the hair vital minerals such as magnesium, silica and potassium.

4. Sustainable, wildcrafted ingredients.
Not only do we use all natural ingredients, we harvest them in a sustainable way. We select only the finest, wildcrafted ingredients, that are readily available in nature, sourcing from small farms around the world in an environmentally conscious way. Just as nature intended!

5. Nothing extra
Sometimes saying ‘no’ is a good thing. We say no to chemical preservatives, color additives, unnatural fragrances and anything other than wholesome ingredients that benefit your hair. Need another reason? Because it works. Our unique approach to hair care allows us to provide safe, effective alternatives, helping people achieve the natural, luxurious hair they always dreamed of.