You might have already seen our Lunar Hair Goals, but did you know our shampoos are always the star of the show? Each shampoo is specially crafted to meet certain hair needs, and help you on your path to naturally healthy hair.

Pick at least two or three hair goals to work toward and rotate your products to receive the maximum benefit from each. Our shampoos are also concentrated, so be sure to dilute a little with water before each use!


Trying to avoid premature hair fall and breakage?

Strengthening helps to reinforce your hair from root to strand and increase elasticity for stronger, more resilient hair.


Searching for longer locks?

Lengthening excites your hair’s natural growth patterns, causing your hair to grow much faster. Cutting your hair on a lengthening lunar day is ideal for pruning the hair shafts.


Looking for the best way to add texture and shine?

Beautify helps to enhance texture and refine any waviness or curl patterns in your hair.

Root Work

Want a better foundation for naturally healthy hair?

Root Work helps to hydrate your hair and scalp, nurturing healthy growth where it starts.  


Want fuller hair?

Thickening promotes new growth cycles in the hair follicles, thereby increasing your hair density and volume. All individual hair shafts together will create more volume.