These five steps will not only help your hair grow healthier, but  it will also help with hair loss, hair thinning, alopecia, and many other scalp conditions.

Step 1: Shampoo

Going natural and stopping chemical abuse is the first and most important step in your hair regrowth process.  Morrocco Method shampoos are key hair regrowth products because they are raw, vegan, gluten free, and free of synthetic chemicals.

How do I pick the right shampoo for hair regrowth?

  • Beware of artificial scents and chemical additives that can dry out the scalp
  • Avoid shampoos containing berries, tomatoes, guava, etc. While technically natural, theses fruit and vegetable derivatives plug up pores and are generally not truly natural
  • If it suds, it is not natural. There is no truly natural shampoo on the market that foams

How should I use Morrocco Method Shampoo for hair regrowth?

How often should I use Morrocco Method Shampoo for hair regrowth?

Listen to your scalp!  Some people feel like they need to shampoo their hair every day, others may shampoo only once a week.  It’s trial and error to find out what works best for you.

Step 2: Condition

We continue the ancient, time proven practice of conditioning with natural botanicals.  Wild crafted from a synergy of botanicals, trace minerals, and herbs; our proven hair conditioners promote healthy hair regrowth naturally.

Which conditioner should I choose?

Leave-In Conditioners

Conditioner applied to wet or dry hair that is not rinsed out.  This is beneficial for dry, brittle, or oily hair types.  It will keep your hair moisturized throughout the day, help reduce frizz, and heal split ends.

Rinse Out Conditioners

Conditioner for all hair types and used in the shower, as often as daily.  It is helpful in providing nutrients and necessary oils for dry, brittle, or oily hair types. These are great for moisture and detangling.

 Deep Conditioners

Conditioner applied after shampooing.  It is for super dry or damaged hair.  Leave in anywhere from a half hour to overnight before rinsing out.  All conditioners promote hair regrowth providing your hair with the necessary nutrients needed by dry, brittle, or oily hair types.

Step 3: Brushing & Massaging

Brushing your hair properly is one of the most important elements in the maintenance and promotion of natural hair regrowth.

Daily brushing and scalp massage help to:

  • Cleanse the scalp and hair
  • Eliminate waste deposits
  • Stimulate capillaries and increase blood circulation
  • Open oil-producing glands

Chemicals and daily irritants prevent your glands from breathing, but brushing allows for the opportunity of hair regrowth.

When and how should I brush my hair?

In order to promote natural hair growth, brush your hair three times a day and always be sure to brush at night.

Bend at the waist, allowing your hair to flow toward your feet, and brush toward the frontal hairline in slow easy strokes for 3-5 mins. Next, reverse the process to help condition and coat your hair, promoting natural hair growth.

Which product is best for my scalp type?

Boar bristle brushes are best when selecting the proper brush because the hair is most similar to human hair allowing for a gentle, nonintrusive brushing experience.

Very Sensitive Scalp or Very Thin Hair

Normal Scalp, Thick, or Curly Hair

 Step 4: Henna Coloring, Styling, & Cutting

We offer a unique alternative to harsh, chemical styling products.  Promote hair regrowth by using styling and coloring products that are chemical free, along with cutting your hair the right way the first time.

Why should I stop using commercial styling products?

The most damaging commercial hair styling products on the market today are gels, mousses, and sprays which are full of chemicals and interfere with hair regrowth.  Trying to recreate “the look” with harsh commercial and chemical products will eventually cost its wearer their hair.

For more information on the problems with commercial styling products, read our article.

Why should I try Henna Natural Hair Color?

Chemical dying and bleaching damage the hair and scalp making the natural hair growth problematic, but our henna can get you the color you want without damaging your hair.  By using different concentrations of henna, indigo, and cassia, we have formulated seven different shades of henna.  Each of these hair dyes doubles as a conditioner which will help to promote natural hair rejuvenation and color saturation.

How and when should I cut my hair?

Your hair should be cut using a Blunt Snip Hair Cutting Technique – a technique where the hair is cut wet and in sections.  This technique cuts the hair on a straight edge to promote healthy hair regrowth and avoids the damage of razor cutting.

For more information on the Blunt Snip Hair Cutting Technique, click here.

This cutting technique should be utilized along with the Lunar Hair Chart for cutting which will help you to reach your hair goal sooner.  Cutting your hair on optimal dates for your hair goal (Lengthen, Thicken, Strengthen, Root Work, Beautifying) will be a beneficial part of promoting healthy hair regrowth.

To View the Lunar Hair Chart for Cutting, click here.

Styling Products

Henna Natural Hair Color

Step 5: Elixirs

For advanced members of the Morrocco Method Only – Do Not use until you have completed the first 4 steps!  These elixir series are a great resource of hair regrowth.

Beginning Elixir Series – For First Time Elixir Users

Intermediate Elixir Series

Advanced Elixir Series