When I used to ask my dad what he wanted for Father’s Day, he’d always reply jokingly, “A full head of hair!” It just goes to show that dads care about hair, too, and Morrocco Method has got them covered.

We know that every dad is different. Maybe yours is relatively low maintenance when it comes to his mane, or maybe he never leaves the house without being perfectly coiffed. Maybe he’s interested in hair regrowth, or maybe he wears it long.

Scalp massager
1. Scalp Massager
Maybe he doesn’t own a hairbrush, but everyone benefits from scalp massage. The scalp massager stimulates blood flow to the scalp, helping to balance oil production and improve overall health and appearance. Scalp massage can aid hair regrowth and helps to relieve tension in the head and neck, which might be just what a hard-working dad needs.

Morrocco Method Elixirs
2. Elixirs
If he is looking the restore the health of his hair and scalp, the elixirs are the way to do it. For overall health and renewal, or if he’s concerned about hair loss or thinning, we definitely recommend an elixir treatment. The silver and golden elixir set is a good introduction to our elixirs and a good place to start hair regrowth.

Morrocco Method Euro Oil
3. Euro Oil
Oil treatments are an age-old remedy for the hair and scalp. Like scalp massage, our Euro Natural Oil deep conditioning treatment simulates the sebaceous glands and balances the pH of the scalp. Dad can apply the oil to the hair and scalp, and also to dry skin. He can treat rough, cracked heels, and the best part is that he doesn’t have to use Euro Oil alone: it’s also good for his best friend!

Morrocco Method Pine Shall
4. Pine Shale Shampoo
Dad got dandruff? Our Pine Shale Shampoo is a favorite among men suffering from an itchy scalp and those pesky white flakes. The most restorative of the five shampoos, the pine shale is a great option for all hair types.

Morrocco Method Pearl Essence
5. Pearl Essence Creme Rinse
The Pearl Essence Creme Rinse is rich and moisturizing, making it a great shave gel for both men and women. Check out this article for more information on getting the perfect shave with Morrocco Method.

Morrocco Method Blood of the dragon
6. Blood of the Dragon Styling Gel
The Blood of the Dragon Styling Gel is a great way to finish any look and keep it in place. With its conditioning effects, it’s good for Dad’s hair too.