Kapha Dosha
Last week we talked about the Ayurvedic dosha, Pitta. This week’s dosha, Kapha, actually shares with Pitta the elemental property of water. But while Pitta is hot and intense, Kapha is cool and flowing.

Kapha is a binding dosha. Imagine a jar filled with earth and water. Without motion the earth would simply settle on the bottom while the water floats above. Think of Kapha as the perpetual stirring motion that keeps these two elements from separating.

In our bodies Dosha works in a similar manner by binding our cells together. Our muscle, fat, bone, and sinew are all components of Kapha. It maintains the immune system, lubricates joints, heals wounds, moisturizes skin, and helps fill the empty spaces of the body.

People with a predominance of Kapha tend to have a heavy or solid build. They are slow to digest, meaning that they are often overweight. Other characteristics include smooth skin, soft eyes, thick hair, and pearly teeth.

Emotionally they are calm, thoughtful, and caring. Kaphas are slow learners, but they also have exceptional memories and are the most consistent of the three doshas. Their loyalty, endurance, and methodical nature makes them excellent providers. They will often cling to familiar routines, making it difficult to break away from unhealthy habits or relationships.

Emerald Elixir
An imbalance of Kapha will cause weight gain, depression, asthma, and lethargy. Like stirring a jar, stimulation is the best remedy for imbalance; get out into the world and experience new kapha, hair restoration, regrowthsights and sounds. Kapha, as a cooling dosha, needs to stay warm and avoid dampness. Warm aromas, such as cloves, cinnamon, and juniper, work best. Dry massages help improve the circulation of Kapha.

Are you a Kapha? Kapha, as a binding dosha, needs to be balanced in order to maintain the health and strength of your hair’s cells. Our Emerald Elixir is the best choice for those who think that they may align with this dosha. Also, proper and consistent use of the scalp massager is a great way to improve blood circulation beneath the scalp.