Pitta Dosha
Ayurveda or Ayurvedic Medicine is a system of traditional medicine native to India that dates back to as early as 600 BC. You can imagine that a system of medicine that old has quite a bit of complexity to it, and it does. Fortunately, everything in Ayurveda is broken down into component parts, meaning that we can explore each part individually. The component I’d like to explore today is Pitta, the first of the three doshas.

In Ayurveda dosha refers to the three biological energies that comprise the body. The doshas–pitta, vata, and kapha–exist in harmony with one another, and an imbalance of these energies is the is the direct cause of disease and contamination. Balance is achieved through healthy dietary and lifestyle choices. Rarely, however, will even the healthiest of persons achieve a complete balance of the doshas.

Pitta is most commonly represented by fire. As you’d expected Pitta is hot, sharp, acerbic, bright, and intense. People who have a predominance of pitta tend to be medium-sized and well-built; they are warm-skinned and tend to perspire more readily. Thin hair, paleness, sensitivity to light, and freckles are also physical characteristics of pitta.

Pittas are always on the go. They have sharp minds and fast metabolisms, meaning they have an abundance of energy. When focused, pittas are strong leaders and decision makers, but on the flipside they can be short-tempered, aggressive, or argumentative. Pitta that is out of balance can produce burning sensations, heartburn, skin rashes, acne, or excessive body heat.

Ruby Elixir
Balancing pitta is an act of cooling down. Taking long walks in nature is a great way to clear an overly burdened mind. The key here is to schedule some free time everyday. Oil treatments arehair regrowth also a great way to cool the skin; we recommend olive or sunflower oils. Surround yourself with cool colors, such as blue, grey, or silver, and embrace soft, sweet aromas, such as lavender, sandalwood, rose, or jasmine.

Are you a pitta? Doshas flow throughout your entire body, meaning that they are in your hair as well. Our Tri-Color Elixir Series is formulated to create balance between the three energies. If you feel you have an abundance of pitta then our Ruby Elixir may be right for you. Once balance is achieved, hair restoration and revitalization can begin.