Ying Yang With Cloud Background
Duality is the most basic state of natural; a simple observation of your surroundings can reveal as much. Hot and cold, sun and moon, man and woman–life is built around the premise that every state of being has its natural opposite, and together these opposites make a balanced whole.

Many religions pose similar ideas of duality–heaven and hell, yin and yang. Even the indelible laws of physics are predicated upon the principle that every action has an equal and opposite reaction.

So it shouldn’t be a surprise when we say that your body responds to natural opposites, which is why we have formulated our Gold and Silver Elixirs as such.

The Gold and Silver Elixir Set is meant to be a complete re-balancing of your scalp’s oil production. Formulated from herbs and minerals gathered from around the world, the Golden Diamond Crystal Elixir works by increasing oil production on dry scalps. Just a few drops applied around the hairline and crown is enough to begin the re-balancing process. The Silver Grapeseed Elixir, as its natural opposite, is intended for excessively oily scalps and works by cleansing the scalp and readying it for more balanced
Morrocco Method Gold and Silver Elixirs
oil production. And while powerful alone, together these elixirs make for the ultimate tool in hair restoration.

The most powerful time to use the Gold and Silver Elixirs is during the Spring and Summer. The Gold Elixir is associated most strongly with the lunar goal of beautifying, while the Silver Elixir is strongly tied with lengthening.

Where have you observed duality and how has it placed a role in your life? Were you able to achieve a healthy balance? We want to know! Post your comment here or over on our Facebook page.

To learn more about the Gold and Silver Elixir and how they’re used, check out the video below: