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Have you fallen for the commercial hype about soft, silky, touchable hair?

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As I discussed in an earlier blog, most of them, if not all, contain plastics that coat the hair to make it seem soft and silky. However, this is only an illusion. The outside of the follicle and shaft gets coated in shiny plastic while the inside remains more damaged than ever.

Using commercial shampoos or coloring products can put you at risk for toxic chemicals, including: parabens, silicone, plastics, ammonia and sodium laurel sulfate

I have been doing some research and experimenting with my own head and hair, and I have a company that I want to recommend to you for everything you will need for truly healthier hair, no illusion. is where I go for all things natural hair care.

This company is quite thorough. Their education center hosts a vast library of videos explaining just about everything you need to know about natural hair care, from where to get started to what products work best for your specific hair type. They have products for every kind of hair, whether yours is curly, straight, gray, ethnic, thinning or just generally unhealthy.

Their wide range of products match just about every hair type. The list includes natural bristle brushes to strengthen and add shine, shampoos, conditioners, hair and scalp detox, hair color (which I absolutely love), styling products and pet products for dogs, cats and horses. They even have a lunar calendar telling you the best dates to cut to lengthen, beautify, strengthen, thicken and for root work. If you are lucky enough to not need any of those categories they also show dates to retard hair growth.

Morrocco Method Apple Cider Vinegar Shampoo
I particularly love the hair color because of how soft, bright and full my hair is for days after coloring, unlike chemical dyes that leave my hair delicate and brittle. Plus it is extremely safe and non-toxic, so much so that you can recolor your hair as often and as frequent as you’d like (leaving 72 hours between each coloring). You cannot lighten hair with this product but you can darken or enhance your own color. There is a slight learning curve with this hair color but customer service is always willing to answer your questions.

I am nearly 100% gray, but by using henna I have gone back to being a redhead. I had previously given up on being a redhead because of how fast my chemical color faded. With henna hair dye, my color lasts so much longer with no real significant fading, and I am constantly getting compliments about my fantastic color.

They regularly add new products. The latest addition is amla powder. Amla is a great conditioner used alone. When added to henna hair color, it creates cooler tones for a richer, darker color. It also helps retain curl definition and enhances dye uptake to prevent fading for longer lasting color.

In addition, all of the products are vegan, raw, cruelty free, gluten free, made in the USA and contain no GMOs, soy or SLS (sodium laurel sulfate).

Did I say I love these products?

I do and I endorse the use of them for all of the reasons mentioned above. And don’t worry, they work on all hair types and ethnicity, plus pets.