From Connecticut to Kenneth’s

It’s good to know where you come from. It makes you what you are today. It’s DNA, it’s in your blood. – Alexander McQueen

From a young age--around four years old, Anthony Morrocco knew there was something different about him. Things were going on in the world around him that other people couldn't see. In his book Awaken Your Roots, he talks about the spiritual awakening he had where he could clearly see, though not yet understand the energies around him.

Kenneth's Salon

By the age of 8, Anthony began to hang around his older brother's barbershop, sweeping cut hair. He realized that he could still see the energy surrounding people, particularly their hair, just as he had seen the energy around the leaves and plants. Being a visionary, especially so young, was not easy on Anthony when no one else seemed to see what he saw going on in the world around him.

He dropped out of high school and joined the Navy so that he could see the world, and after the Navy, he enrolled at the Pratt Institute to study architecture. It still didn't feel like the perfect fit for a future career, but life in New York proved to be fertile ground for Anthony Morrocco to plant the seeds that would grow into Morrocco Method today!

His brother suggested going to barber school, but that was too one-dimensional for his ambitious spirit. Anthony enrolled instead in hairdressing school so that he could learn how to not only cut, but also color, perm, and style. He had not yet completed his hairdressing program when he was snatched up by the glamorous and world famous Kenneth's Salon in New York City.

Anthony became the apprentice of Rosemary Sorrentino, one of the foremost hair colorists in the world, and also to Kenneth Batelle himself, spending breaks and lunch periods watching the master stylist work his magic on the richest and most glamorous women in society.

He knew that after seeing Faye Dunaway coming down the stairs in Kenneth's, and sharing an elevator with Jackie Kennedy that he was in a whole new world. Anthony embarked on a new journey of learning how "the other half" lived and what it took to win the business of celebrities and socialites in 1960s New York.

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