Before becoming a Lunar Journey participant, Amanda was using the Lunar Calendar to plan her hair cuts, and she was getting results, but she didn't know that the best was yet to come! In 2020 she cut her hair up to her shoulders to cut off the thinner, damaged hair beneath, and began trimming her hair on the lengthening days. 

After she was selected for the Lunar Journey, Amanda learned about how rotating complementary goals could not only help her reach her hair goal faster, but also improve her overall hair health and appearance.

Morrocco Method recommends rotating a root work trim in at least once a season, as well as trimming on goals like strengthening, thickening, lengthening, and beautifying in between for the best overall results.

Amanda's goal after getting the length she wanted was for her hair to be fuller, which means cutting on thickening dates, but she also cut on strengthen and beautify days during other months to enhance her goal. She tried to align the dates with the full moon as often as possible, since full moons and solstice/equinox events amplify the power of the lunar cut during those dates.


Combined with Morrocco Method products, including the shampoos, and elixirs, Amanda's hair is visibly fuller and has more body. "Results obviously won't happen the next day, but overtime you will see your hair goals happening, and then one day you just look in the mirror and it's like Is that me? Is that my hair?"

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