8 months through her year-long lunar hair journey, Amanda shares some wisdom and encouragement. "Getting through detox is such a gradual process. I feel like it was about two and a half months. I noticed it staying cleaner between washes around the three month mark."

She says the worst part of detox for her is that her hair would feel clean after washing, but roots, under her hair, and still felt greasy and unwashed. Using her  boar bristle brush and dry shampoo helped ease the detox. During detox she kept her pre-MM routine of washing her hair every 3-4 days.

One of the best sources of support was the community that she found on our Facebook group, where she started reading recommendations from community members and getting feedback from other people who had completed detox. "The products good for all hair types, but the techniques vary and can be customized." 

She reports that her hair line is now filling in, hair is shiny, no split ends since starting blunt snip method, and that it has bounce and lift that it never had before without having to intentionally style it. Regarding the current condition of her hair, she says there's been "A complete change in my hair--It's amazing."


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