Today I want to focus on one thing that gets a bad reputation—brushing natural curly hair. When used the wrong way, with the wrong brush, it can definitely be detrimental to curly hair. A lot of people mistake brushing for styling, but brushing natural curly hair will not style it, instead it spreads important oils from root to tip.

An ideal brush to use is the Morrocco Method Pure Boar Bristle Brush. This brush is soft enough to use on a baby’s scalp! It won’t break or damage ends, which is exactly what we want.

Brushing natural curly hair can be tricky, so here are three easy steps to doing it right:

1. Detangle Before You Brush

Never, ever brush hair that is tangled or knotted! For coily, kinky and natural curly hair types who deal with dry hair on a daily basis, this is a recipe for disaster! It’s extremely important to detangle your hair with either your fingers or a wide toothed comb while using an oil or a cream to keep hair strong. If you encounter any tangles while brushing your hair, stop immediately and use your fingers to detangle. It never hurts to add a little bit of extra oil to help ease your hair out of a knot to prevent breakage.

2. Part Hair Into Sections

This is one of the more well known facts with curly hair: if you don’t part it into sections, it’s much more difficult to manage. You may create knots accidentally, or you may end up rebrushing/detangling the same areas! Parting your hair into four or more sections makes the brushing process easier and distributes oils from your scalp to tips evenly. Don’t use hair clips or hair bands that are too strong, have teeth or are ribbed with rubber—you’ll end up damaging your hair! Use soft cloth hair bands or clips.

Nautral Curly Hair

3. Brush From the Nape of Your Neck

Gravity reigns on earth and that means the tops of our heads are probably the driest while the napes of our necks are usually oily (if you work out or sweat a lot). Brushing from the back of the neck towards the crown of your head reverses the accumulation of oil to redistribute it to the tips of your hair. Brush evenly from ear to ear for the best effects. Once done, work gently on each section from roots to tips. Since you detangled first and you’ve already oiled up, brushing from roots to tips should be no problem. Remember the key word here is ‘gentle’! Do not use a wiry, hard brush (plastics are out of the question!), and do not push hard on the brush! Your hair, after a few brush strokes, will begin to behave and become soft and supple.

Bonus: Scalp Stimulation

Your scalp will also be tingly from the sensitive treatment, which is a fantastic way to stimulate blood flow and new hair growth! If you have time to spare, we recommend brushing every night for the best effects. However everyone has a busy lifestyle—every other night, once a week, no matter how often you brush your hair it’s always beneficial, so long as you do it right. Remember, our sebaceous glands are the best oil for our hair! You cannot replace what the body does naturally. Take advantage of it and you will be growing beautiful, long natural curly hair in no time.

Don’t Fear the Frizz

After brushing, your natural curly hair will look like it lost every defined curl! Don’t worry, your curls are still there. Remember: brushing is NOT the same as styling when it comes to natural curly hair! Once you style your hair by doing a quick wash with water and applying our Blood of the Dragon Styling Gel or cream your curls will bounce back with even more elongation.

Here’s Nicole showing how to section and brush your natural curly hair!

THURSDAY, July 4th: Results after she styles!